Defining and Maintaining Home Information

Purpose:  Use this document as a resource to view, define, and maintain home information for an employee.

Audience: HR Administrators and HR Specialists

Navigation:  Workforce Administration > Job Information > Job Data

Defining and Maintaining Home Information
  1. Enter the desired Empl ID into the Empl ID field.
  2. Select the Search button.
  3. Use the Work Location page to view or update position and location information for a person's job, including the regulatory region, company, department, and location.
  1. Select the Job Information tab - use the Job Information page to maintain information about a person's job, including status, employee class, shift, or standard hours.
  1. Select the Payroll tab - use the Payroll page to enter payroll processing data.
  1. Select the Compensation tab - Use the Compensation page to view or update the person's compensation details.
  2. Select the Benefits Program Participation link - use the Benefit Program Participation page to view the benefit program associated with the employee.
  1. To view home data in the PeopleSoft Tracking Global Assignments business process, begin by navigating to the Home/Host Data page.
Viewing Home Data

Navigation:  Workforce Administration > Global Assignments > Track Assignment > Home and Host Data

  1. Select the Find an Existing Value tab.
  2. Enter the desired information into the Empl ID field.
  3. Select the Search button.
  4. Use the Home/Host Data page to view home information that comes from the Job Data pages.
  1. Select the Payroll Data tab.
  2. Use the Payroll Data page to view the payroll details that were entered into the Job Data pages.
  1. Select the Benefits tab.
  2. Use the Benefits page to view benefit data that is maintained on the Job Data pages.
  1. End of procedure.