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Changing a Job Code w/Pay Group Changes for Employee

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to change a current employee job code including Pay Group changes, in ctcLink.

Audience: Human Resources Specialist

Navigation:  Main Menu > Workforce Administration > Job Information > Job Data

  1. Enter the EMPLID in the Search Criteria section and select the Search button.
  2. Select the appropriate Empl Record from the Search Results section.
Search Criteria page
  1. Select the Work Location tab, select the Add a Row button to modify this information.

Be sure to add a new row instead of overwriting the current information so a history is maintained.

  1. Enter the effective date of the change in the Effective Date field.
  2. Select Transfer (or correct Action option) from the Action drop-down menu.
  3. Select Promotion (or correct reason) from the Reason drop-down menu. (In this instance we are not going to use Position data).
Action field
  1. Make any needed changes to the Department or Location.
Job Data page
  1. Select the Job Information tab.
  2. Select the Job Code lookup icon to search for the new job code number or enter the new job code.
Job Information tab

System may display an auto generated question depending on Job Code selected.  (move scroll bar along bottom of screen to view full text).

In this instance, we selected OK.

  1. The Job Information page will default with Job Data specific to the job code selected. (Such as Supervisor ID, Standard Hours, FTE.  Make any needed adjustments).
  1. Job Labor tab should default to Labor/Union affiliations with specified job.
Job Labor tab
  1. Payroll tab should default to new Job Code selected. Verify correct Absence System and Pay Group has been auto filled.  Make corrections, if needed.
    NOTE:  Change Holiday Schedule if moving from Hourly or Salary to another Pay Group.
Payroll tab
  1. Verify Salary Plan tab has current information. In this instance a Step number was entered.
Salary Plan tab
  1. Select the Compensation tab.
  2. Select Default Pay Components to trigger the compensation calculations for any affected changes. Pay rates should update to defaulted rates per job code, pay grade and step. Verify Frequency for payroll process, change if needed.
Compensation tab
  1. Select the CTC Job Data tab to view and make any needed changes.
CTC Job Data tab
  1. Select the CTC Earnings Distribution tab to make any needed changes to Combo Codes.
CTC Earnings Distribution tab
  1. Select Edit ChartFields to view and make any needed changes under Earnings Distribution.  In this scenario the Earnings code was changed from HRY to REG “salaried”.  If needed make changes to combo codes via Chart Fields.
CTC Earnings Distribution tab
  1. Select Employment Information.
  2. Select Time Reporter Data link.
Employment Information tab
  1. If changes are needed, add a new Effective Date and make the changes with a new effective date.
  2. Select OK to save.
Time and Labor Data page, Time Reporter Data section
  1. If changes to Benefits need to be made due to the Job changes, go to Benefits Program Participation tab.  Make any needed changes to Benefit Program with Effective Date of change.
Benefit Program Paricipation tab


Process complete.