CTC Job Data Overview

Purpose:  Use this document as a reference for how to utilize the CTC Job Data Page.

Audience:  Human Resources Specialist

Navigation: Main Menu > Workforce Administration > Job Information > Job Data

  1. Select the CTC Job Data tab.
  1. Leave Accrual Date: First date leave accrual began. If employee is hired before 15th of the month then leave accrual date will be beginning of the month. If the employee is hired after 15th of the month, then leave accrual date will be the first day of the consecutive month.

2. Leave Maximum Month: Displays leave accrual month.  Example: If employee started accruing leave on March 1st, this field would be March.

3. Job Term: Number of months Job will be active during the year. This field value is used in OFM reporting and used for determining the # of months, which is called "Job Term" in legacy.  # of months is necessary to identify employees who are cyclic (less than 12 months), is necessary when determining seniority and bumping rights.  Also used to identify a position for budgeting purposes as cyclic.

4. Job Emp Type:  Employment type e.g. temporary, permanent, interim etc.

5. Probation End Date: Date the employee’s probation period end. (If Applicable)

6. Trial Service Date: Start date for Trial service period in current job classification. Trial service is used at times when someone promotes, transfers or demotes after attaining permanent status in a project; it is also used for in-training positions.

7. Contract Units: Number of paid days during contract.  E.g. Fulltime 52 weeks at 5 days per week would be 261 days, (includes 1 additional day for rounding & leap year)

(This does not connect or update the Hourly data on “Compensation” tab.  For PTF the unit is in hour’s vs days for Exempt and FT Faculty).

  1. DRS Calendar: The DRS Calendar is dependent on Employee type.  

See link for additional information regarding the DRS Calendar. Using DRS Calendars

9. Contract Begin Date: First day Work Contract begins.

10. Contract End Date: Last day of Work, that Contract ends.

11. Union Member: Check box (Yes = Box Checked: No = blank box)

12. OFM Bargaining Unit:  Select from Menu Union/Bargaining Unit affiliated with job class/position

13. Faculty Status: Is Optional and populated via the Faculty Workload Module

14. Balloon Payment ID: Identifier for Payroll to apply balloon payment to specific payroll. A custom calendar configuration, area that allows schools to create as many balloon payment calendars as their need defines.

15. Quarterly Leave Accrual Hrs:  This is based on the leave type and hours. The employee will accrue leave on a quarterly basis.

16. Leave Type: This is the leave type for the Quarterly leave accrual.

17. Max Leave Override:  Check if permitted to accrue more than maximum leave allowed.

18. Current: Job data notepad where notes can be added (Not a reportable field)


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