Termination Checklists

Purpose:  Use this document as a reference to process termination of employment in PeopleSoft HCM.

Audience: HR/Benefits, Absence/Time & Labor and Payroll Administrators

The steps and actions needed will depend upon the type of employee being terminated, such as;

  • Classified
  • Exempt
  • Hourly
  • Faculty
  • Part-Time Faculty
  • Student

Each type of employee will have different aspects associated with their employment that may or may not affect all the areas addressed below. It is our advice that each area is reviewed for any needed actions.

Termination can occur from several different Action/Reasons.  Each Action/Reason needs to be reviewed to determined which of the processes are relevant. Below are the most common Actions/Reasons for a termination.  

Below are the most common Actions/Reasons for a termination:

  • Layoff
    • Season Closure
    • Staff Reduction
    • Temporary Closure
  • Termination
    • Death
    • Discharge
    • Elimination of Position
    • Resignation
  • Termination with Pay
  • Termination with Benefits
  • Retirement
    • Compulsory Retirement
    • Normal Retirement
    • Volunteer Retirement
  • Retirement with Pay
  • Transfer
    • Transfer to State Agency

HR Core

Navigation:  Main Menu > Workforce Administration > Job Information > Job Data

Review the Quick Reference Guide (QRG) titled Entering Terminations and Retirements

  1. Select the appropriate action from the Action drop-down menu, i.e., Retirement or Termination.
  2. Select the appropriate reason from the Reason drop-down menu.


The Effective Date of a termination shows the first day of an employee termination status, NOT the last day worked. The Last Day Worked field populates with the date prior to the effective date.  The Override Last Day Worked checkbox can be selected to enter the last date the employee actually worked.

  1. Select the Employment Data hyperlink.
Work Location tab

Do not proceed to termination of employee benefits if the employee has additional Job Indicator for benefit eligible job classification.


Navigation:  Main Menu > Benefits > Enroll in Benefits

Review the Quick Reference Guide (QRG) titled Terminating an Employee's Benefits

Determine date of job termination and what day Benefits should be terminated.

  • SB0 - No Benefits
  • SB1 - Full Benefits
  • SB2 - Partial Benefits

    If the termination date is 1st-15th Or in “A” Payroll :
  • Health premiums and surcharges should be taken as normal.
  • Take the full monthly premium for optional long-term disability.
  • Optional LTD premiums are lagged, meaning they are paid on the 25th of current and 10th of the following month.
  • Example: September optional LTD premiums are paid with deductions taken on the 9/25 and 10/10 paychecks.
  • If the termination date is 16th  end of month
  • Do not take health premiums or surcharges on final check unless in arears.
  • Optional long-term disability premiums should be taken as normal.

Update/Confirm data that HCA is the system of record

HCA/Pay1 is the system of record for Health, Tobacco Surcharge, and Life insurance. Thus, for benefit eligible employees, terminations need to be entered in Pay1, so the nightly inbound file load could automatically create the termination row in PeopleSoft.

  • Manual data entry can be done in PeopleSoft immediately, if there is time sensitive deduction issues. However, the nightly data load from Pay1 will override that manual entry, if data is different.  

Update/Confirm Benefits Termination in PeopleSoft

Navigation:  Main Menu > Benefits > Enroll in Benefits

  1. Enter the Name or EMPLID of the employee being terminated.
  2. Select Search.
  3. Add a row to the Coverage by selecting the plus sign (+).  (DO NOT add a row to Plan Type located above the Coverage plus and minus signs).
  4. Coverage Begin Date (in this case the first date this Benefit does not exist) and Deduction Begin Date (in this case it is truly the first date deductions will not be taken) must be entered, typically, they will be the same date.
  5. Click the Terminate radio button (located under Coverage Election).  NOTE: At this time the Election Date will populate the system date in which you are completing entry; no changes need to be made to this date.
  6. Select Save.
Health Benefits page

Employees with SB0 (not eligible for full or partial benefits)

Navigation:  Main Menu > Benefits > Enroll in Benefits > Savings Plans

  1. Employees with SB0 (not eligible for standard benefits) could still have a 457 or 403(b) Savings Plan.
  2. All employees need to be checked for a current Savings Plan regardless of Benefit Program as any employee of the colleges can elect a Savings Plan.
Savings Plans page

Other items to check and confirm:

  • Have all benefits (other than Health, Dental and Smoking Surcharge) been end-dated and terminated through the running of the "Auto-Enrollment" process?
  • Have HCA Benefits been entered as ended in PAY1 (FUZED)?

NOTE: The termination process triggers the “Auto-Enrollment” process, which will add a benefit termination row for all benefits the employee is currently enrolled in with the effective date of the first of the next month.  The Auto-Enrollment process also changes the benefit program to SB0, the program for benefit ineligible employees.  This is done so that if the employee is rehired, old benefit enrollments and deductions will not be restarted accidentally.  In addition, certain General Deductions that are related to Benefits are ended with the same effective date.

Absence Management

Termination Actions for Absence Management

  1. Make sure Job Data Absence System has been changed from Absence Management to Other on the Payroll tab.
    This must be entered on the line, which corresponds to the Termination date. Moving an employee into Other will be inclusively, effective on the effective dated row in Job Data (i.e. if you put an employee in other for 3/21/2017, then the last date they can take an absence is 3/20/2017).
Payroll tab
  1. Confirm last absences submitted
  • Check date ranges of submissions. Any absence dates that correspond with dates after the last eligible date needs to be deleted from the Absence Event screen.
  • If absences are processed after, someone is taken out of Absence Management - this can cause errors in both Absence Management and Time and Labor (which usually ends up "erroring out" when offices try to process Payroll).
  • Confirm unprocessed submissions to consider them for balance payouts.
  1. Based on absences left, there are usually one Take and one Entitlement that still need to be processed.
  • If the balance payout is performed prior to the Take run, make sure the payout does not include the balances needed to offset the reported but not yet processed absences.
  • The final Entitlement always needs to run at the end of the month.
  1. Confirm payout needed for absence balances on last check through payroll.
  2. Must take into account unprocessed absences as noted above
  • Enter these balancing entries to be processed in the next Take if needed to offset the payroll payout.
  1. When last Absence Take/Entitlement is run, confirm that all leave was processed correctly.

NOTE:  If not following the normal process for termination, then the following Quick Reference Guide (QRG) may be needed to process leave entitlement and adjustments.

Clearing Balances on Terminated Employees Using Advance Off Cycle & Balance Adjustment

Time and Labor

IMPORTANT:  Do not inactivate the employee in Time and Labor until data has been processed through Absence, Time & Labor and Payroll.  Coordinate with your local Payroll Team.

Navigation:  Main Menu > Workforce Administration > Job Information > Job Data

  1. Select Time Reporter Data.
Instance Record section
  1. Change Status to Inactive.
Time Reporter Data page

Security Access Note:  Follow your local procedures to end system access for terminated employees.  A solid line of communication between Human Resources staff and Security staff is essential for a successful off boarding process.

Compensatory Time Payouts

  • Review the employee's timesheet for comp time earned in the current pay period
  • Since comp time earned in the current pay period is available in the following pay period - Change the CTE time reporting code to appropriate overtime reporting code for payment (OVT)
  • Is is suggested that the comp time payout process originates in Time & Labor system and NOT directly in Payroll system because comp time balance must be reduced to 0.   See QRG Comp Time Payoff Process for more details .

Follow standard Termination process for terminating or closing activities in Job Data, Benefits, Absence Management and Time & Labor.

Refer to OFM Chapter 25 for Payroll Policies to determine required payouts and debt collection procedures as applicable.

Leave Buyouts

  • Confirm absence management processing is complete for current month entitlement and all leave balances are zero.
  • Review time and labor for vacation leave used in the current pay period and reduce the employee’s vacation leave balance by the number of hours taken. Follow the QRG to process vacation leave buyout: Entering Vacation Leave Pay Out at Termination
  • Sick leave buyout at termination is limited to retirement and death.
    -Follow the QRG to process sick leave buyout: Entering Sick Leave Buy Out
    -If the employee is required to participate in VEBA, follow the QRG to process sick leave buyout to VEBA:  Processing Sick Leave Payout to VEBA
  • Determine if the employee has outstanding garnishments, child support, and/or over payments
  • Take deductions in this order up to the allowable amounts: child support, garnishment, and overpayment.
  • Complete and return the DSHS child support termination notification as appropriate.
  • For a deceased employee, follow the QRG to process payment to beneficiary or estate:  Deceased Employee Payout Process for Payroll

Confirm the employee mailing address for final payout check.  Follow the navigation below:

Main Menu > Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Biographical > Modify as Person-Enter Employee ID# > Enter Search

NOTE:  Remind the employee this will be the address that the current years W2 will be mailed.

Confirm the employee has no outstanding checks that need to be processed (cashed or re-issued)


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