Creating a Job Opening and Entering Job Details - 17a

PURPOSE: Use this document as a reference for how to create job openings in ctcLink.

AUDIENCE: Human Resource/Recruiting Specialists, Hiring Managers.

Creating a Job Opening

Start by navigating to the Create Job Openings Page: Main Menu>Recruiting > Create Job Openings (the Primary Job Opening Page will display)

  1. Click the Job Opening Type field drop-down menu and select Standard for job openings with a posting end date; select Continuous for job openings that your college/agency is always hiring for (i.e. adjunct).
  2. The Business Unit defaults, per the Users institutional security access, change if necessary.
  3. Click the Department lookup icon and select the desired department. Department numbers begin with 98 and 99 all other departments are used for accounting purposes and will not list the appropriate positions. 
  4. Click the Position Number lookup icon and select the desired position, or enter the position number if known, if applicable.
  5. Click the Job Code lookup icon and select the desired job code, or enter the Job Code if known.

Note: Once the Position Number is selected, it will prefill the remaining fields.

Job Openings can be created without a position number; however, the position information will not auto-populate into the Job Data during the Hire Process.

  1. Click the Recruiting Location lookup icon and select the desired location.
  2. Change the Job Posting Title, if necessary.
  3. Click the Continue button.
Primary Job Opening Information

Entering Job Details

Use the Job Openings page to enter information about the job opening being created.

  1. The appropriate Template defaults. Do not change.
  2. Click the Openings to Fill drop-down menu and select the Limited Number of Openings option for Standard job opening types (change the number of Target Openings if needed); select Unlimited Number of Openings  for Continuous job opening types.
  3. The Establishment ID, Business Unit, and Company fields default to the appropriate values. If fields are blank, leave them blank.
Opening Information
  1. Department, Status Code, and Status Date default to the appropriate values.
  2. Select the appropriate Status Reason option.
  3. Enter the desired start date for the job opening in the Desired Start Date field.
  4. Encumbrance Date, Projected Fill Date, Date Authorized, and the Referral Program ID fields are not used.
  5. Select the appropriate Recruitment Contact.
Job Details
  1. Click the Add Location button to add additional locations.
  2. Click the Add Recruiting Locations button to add additional recruiting locations.
  3. If applicable, enter the EMPLID of the employee being replaced or click the Add Employee button if multiple employees are being replaced.
Locations Page
  1. In the Additional Job Specification section, the information defaults from the position data. Change if necessary.
  2. Click the Save as Draft button to continue creating the job opening.
Staffing Information