Adding Screening Criteria to a Job Opening 17a

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to add screening criteria to a job opening in ctcLink.

Audience: Human Resource/Recruiting Specialists, Hiring Managers and Supervisors.

Navigation: Main Menu>Recruiting>Search Job Openings

  1. Enter the Job ID in the Job Opening ID field.
  2. The Status defaults to Open; change to appropriate status (for this example select Draft).
  3. Click the Search button
  4. Click on the Job Opening hyperlink (in this example Culinary Arts) in the Search Results.
Search Criteria

Entering Screening Questions

For each job opening, screening questions default. Add or delete questions as necessary.

  1. Click the Screening tab.
  2. Click the Add Screening Question button to add questions from the menu
  3. Number the question in the Question Order field; change the sequence if needed.
Screening Tab

Tip: You can also add Question Sets for questions that will be included in all job postings.

  1. Click the Load from Question Set button to add multiple questions at once.
  2. Click the OK button.
  3. Number the question in the Question Order field; change the sequence if needed.
Question Set

You can also set up your screening levels for each job opening within this tab.

  1. In the Applicant Screening section, click on the Screening Levels hyperlink to edit the criteria.
  2. In the Screening Requirements section, you can do the following:

    Click on the Edit Details hyperlink, to edit the assigned point value for a specific question.

    Check the Use in Screening box, to assign the question to this screening level.

    Check the Required box, to restrict applicants from skipping the question.

    Click Apply, then Ok

  1. Click the Save as Draft button.