Adding a Hiring Team to a Job Opening - 17a

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for adding a hiring team to a job opening in ctcLink.

Audience: HR and Recruiting Specialists, Hiring Managers, and Supervisors

Navigation: Main Menu>Recruiting>Search Job Openings

  1. Enter the Job ID in the Job Opening ID field.
  2. The Status defaults to Open; change to the appropriate status (for this example select Draft).
  3. Click the Search button
  4. Click on the Job Opening hyperlink (in this example Culinary Arts) in the Search Results.
Search Criteria

The Hiring Team tab is where you can add individuals who are involved in hiring for the job opening.

  1. Click the Hiring Team tab
  2. Click Add Recruiter, then click the lookup icon.
  3. Enter the Empl ID (you can search by First Name or Last Name)
  4. Click Look Up; then click on the Empl ID hyperlink
Recruiters Page
  1. To add multiple recruiters click Add Recruiter Team
  2. In the Select column, click  the box next to the appropriate team  
  3. Click Ok
Add Recruiter Team
  1. To assign a Hiring Manager for the job opening, click Add Hiring Manager and repeat steps 7 & 8
  2. To add a Hiring Manager Team, click Add Hiring Manager Team and repeat steps 10 & 11

Advisory: Only employees with Hiring Manager security role will appear in this menu option.

Add Hiring Manager

To assign Interviewers, Interested Parties, and Screening Team Members repeat the steps 5-8, above or 9-11 for teams.

  1. Click Save and Submit. This will activate the Approvals tab and will update the Status from Draft to Pending Approvals.
Job Opening Details

Congratulations you have successfully Added a Hiring Team to a Job Opening!!!