Cloning a Job Opening - 17b

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for Cloning an existing Job Opening in ctcLink

Audience: HR Recruiter, Hiring Managers, Recruiting Administrator

Navigation: Main  Menu > Recruiting > Search for Job Openings

  1. Enter the Job Opening ID
  2. The Status defaults to Open, select the appropriate status
  3. Click the Search button
Search Job Openings
  1. Click the Job Opening hyperlink, in the search results
Search Results
  1. Click the Clone link

Note:  The Clone Job Opening Page will appear. On this page, you can edit  the New Position Title and Number of New Job Openings, if applicable

  1. Enter the New Position Title
  2. Enter the Number of New Job Openings
  3. Click Clone
Clone Job Opening

Note: You will receive a message that the "Job Opening successfully cloned" and a new Job Opening ID will be assigned. All details related to the original job opening have now been duplicated in the cloned Job Opening.

You must open the new Job Opening to edit the Job Details, Qualifications, Screening, Job Posting, and Hiring Team.


Cloned Job Openings