Hiring Applicants 17e

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for hiring applicants in ctcLink.

Audience: HR Recruiter

Navigation:  Main Menu > Recruiting > Search Job Openings

  1. Enter the position number in the Job ID field.
  2. Click the Search button.
Search Job Openings
  1. Click the Job Opening link.
Job Opening Link
  1. Select the desired applicant and click the Other Actions link then select Recruiting Actions and Prepare to Hire.
Other Actions
  1. Click Type of Hire drop-down menu and select Hire.
  2. Verify the date in the Start Date field.
Prepare for Hire
  1. Click the Verify Employee ID link.

Note: Employee ID information for internal applicants will carry over.

  1. Click the OK button.
  1. The Send Offer Letter to HR checkbox automatically populates.
  2. Enter comments in the Comments field, if necessary.
  3. Click the Submit Request to HR button.

You have successfully hired an applicant.