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Correcting or Reversing Leave Balances/Running the Absence Management Off Cycle on Demand Process - 18g

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to correct or reverse leave balances in ctcLink, after the entitlement process has been run and then run the Absence Management Off Cycle on Demand process.
Audience: Leave Administrator

Note:  Due to redaction, portions of this QRG may look slightly different than what you will see in ctcLink.

Review Absence Balances

  1. Enter the Employee ID, then click the Search button.
Find an Existing Value
  1. Click on the employee record number if more than one is returned.

NOTE: Some employees may have more than one employee record.  Be sure to click on the appropriate record number.

Search Results
  1. Review Absence Balances - This is where you will find all current balance amounts for the employee. Click the New Window link.
Absence Entitlement Current Balance Tab
  1. Navigate to:  Main Menu > Global Payroll & Absence Mgmt > Payee Data > Adjust Balances > Absences.  
  2. Once again, enter the Employee ID, click the Search button, and select the appropriate employee record if more than one is returned (see steps 1 and 2 for screenshots).

Adjust Balances

NOTE:  You adjust leave balances only after the Absence Entitlement Process (which reflects leave accrual) is run. These steps (5-7) are outlined on the QRG titled Payroll Checklist.  Therefore, all adjustments to leave balances (outside of self service) are considered off cycle adjustments. Examples of adjustments one might make include shared leave exchanges and separations/terminations when balances must be zeroed out.

IMPORTANT: You must make sure no open processes exist within Absence before you do an off cycle.  Cancel any open Takes or Entitlements you were calculating and then run the Off Cycle to completion.  If you can’t finish the off-cycle to completion for any reason, cancel it and then try again later.  

You can only run an off cycle adjustment on a completed and finalized calendar for an employee.  This process is not intended for use for active and current calendars.  

  1. If zeroing out leave balances, copy and paste the Entitlement Element (s) and Amount(s) from the Review Absence Balances (A) screen to the Absences Screen (B) as shown below (Balance adjustment amounts should be entered as negative to zero out the existing balance). Remember to click Save when you have finished you entries.


Absence Entitlement Current Balance Tab


Absences Balance Adjustments

The below prompt will appear. You have the option to enter multiple adjustments for an employee.  Enter the number of rows you would like to add in the below field.  This will add rows all at once rather than adding individual rows (+)(-), one at a time.  

Script Prompt

Running an Off Cycle Adjustment

Off-cycle absence processing refers to processing absences and making corrections to finalized results outside of the normal absence schedule. Off cycle transactions are typically made to correct prior absence results or to zero out leave balances for terminated employees.  

There are three components to running the Off Cycle On Demand process:

1) Create the Request

2) Create the Calendar Group

3) Calculate

  1. Running Off Cycle Adjustment - Navigation:  Main Menu > Global Payroll & Absence Mgmt > Absence and Payroll Processing > Off Cycle > Off Cycle On Demand

7.1  Click on Add a New Value tab.
7.2  Enter Pay Group.
7.3  Enter Target Period ID. (This is the period to be corrected.)
7.4  Enter Off Cycle Group. (Create an Off Cycle Group Name for your reference.)
7.5  Click the Add button.

Off Cycle On Demand Add a New Value
  1. Click the Create Request button. This will take you to the Empl ID entry screen where you will enter the Empl ID using the Look up icon. This will populate the name and enable the Correction Detail icon.
Off Cycle On Demand Create Request

Note: If you have multiple employees within the same pay group and target period, you should process all at once rather than processing each Empl ID individually, as you must otherwise create an off cycle group for each person, which requires many additional steps (repeat steps  6 through 22 for each employee, versus repeating steps 9 through 11).

  1. Click on the Calendars to Correct arrow.
  2. Enter the Employee ID(s), then click the Corrections Detail icon.
Off Cycle Request Calendars to Correct
  1. Click the Adjust Absence Balances link.
Off Cycle Request Calendar to Correct Section
  1. Enter Empl ID, Pay Group and click the Search button. Finally, click on the appropriate calendar ID returned.
Absences Search Criteria

Note: Repeat steps 8 through 11 for each person you wish to include in the Pay Group.

  1. Review screen to verify that your entries are correct. (The adjustments should be populated automatically from the Adjust Balances - Absences Page). Click the Apply button. Then click the OK button.  
Balance Adjustments Section
  1.  Enter the Calendar ID then click the OK button.

Calendars control whose absence results will be calculated, and the period of time for which the absences are processed. They link together the pay group, period ID, run type ID, target calendar ID, and payee selection criteria associated with a calendar.

Calendar ID =

  • Pay Group (Common examples of pay groups are salaried and hourly payees)
  • Period ID (Calendar period IDs define the period of time for which the absences are processed)
  • Run Type ID (A user-defined method of identifying a payroll or absence run. Common run types are regular, bonus, overtime, and advance pay)
  • Target Calendar ID (The target calendar that you selected when defining the calendar for this calendar run)
  • Payee Selection Criteria (defines who will be processed)
Correction Request Detail

14.1  Click the Apply button, then the OK button

Calendars to Correct Section

NOTE: You will then be directed back to the Off Cycle on Demand home screen, where you will notice the Request Entered box is now checked.

  1. Create the Calendar Group. Calendar Group ID’s group the calendars that you want to process at the same time.

15.1  Click the Create Calendar Group button.

Create Calendar Group Section

15.2  Click the Apply button.

Calendar Groups Description

Note: You’ll get a Warning Message - just click OK to continue.

Processing Message

You will be returned to the Off Cycle On Demand home screen where you will notice the Calendar Group Created box is now checked.

  1. Calculate the adjustment.

16.1  Click the Calculate button. Notice that prior actions are now checked.

Off Cycle Set Up Request
  1. Once this process completes you’ll get this pop up screen with the results, click the Messages link.
Payee Status
  1. Resolve any messages with Warnings or Errors.

18.1   Click the Details link for more information regarding messages.
18.2   Click the Cancel button to return to Payee Status page.

Payee Messages

Message Example: For this particular example we need to suspend the absences associated with the calendar for the November Takes by adjusting the Payee Status.

Payee Status
  1. Once you have corrected the warnings and/or errors you will have to Calculate again.

19.1  Click the Messages link. (There should be 0 messages.)
19.2  Click the Apply button and then the OK button again.
19.3  Then return to Off Cycle On Demand home screen.
19.4  Click the Finalize button.

Process Calendar Group Finalize
  1. Go back to review absences balances.

Navigation: Main Menu > Global Payroll & Absence Mgmt > Payee Data > Maintain Absences > Review Absence Balances

You should see all changes you have made. In this example, all amounts have been zeroed out upon employee separation.

Absence Entitlement Current Balance