Absence Request 18d

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to submit leave requests in PeopleSoft HR.

Audience: All Employees

Submit Absence Request

Navigation: Main Menu > Self Service > Time Reporting > Report Time > Absence Request

  1. Navigate to the Absence Request menu item
    • If the employee has more than one active job record, then the correct job must be selected prior to viewing the request screen
  2. Enter the Start Date and End Date of the absence
  3. Choose to Filer by Type, or select an Absence Name from the drop down
    • Only leave types that the pay group that the employee is and has been associated with will be displayed
    • The Current Balance for the leave type selected will appear on the right hand side of the request screen
  4. Select a Reason from the drop down
    • Reasons are unique to the Absence Name chosen and will change based on the Name selection
  5. Select an option for the Partial Days menu
    • All Days  Every day of the absence is a partial day
      1. If this is chosen the employee will need to pick the number of hours each day the absence will span
      2. If there are different hour amounts each day of the absence the employee should submit multiple absence requests
    • End Day Only  The last day of the absence is a partial or half day
    • None  Every day of the absence is a full day out on leave
    • Start and End Days  Both the Start of the absence and the End are either partial or half days
    • Start Day Only  The first day of the absence is a partial or half day
  6. If the employee selected All Days, End Day Only, Start and End Days, or Start Day Only they will need to indicate how many hours of the day(s) they will be absent
    • If the day of the absence is a half day, the box to the right indicating Half Day(s) can be checked
    • In the case of Start and End Days, you can indicate different hours for the Start day than the End day and either day can be checked as a Half Day if desired
  7. Click the Calculate End Date or Duration button
    • You can either fill in the end date of your absence, or the number of hours you plan on being absent
    • Typically, it’s easier to fill in the date range and then allow the program to calculate hours based on your schedule
    • If you don’t think that the Duration calculated correctly, click the View Monthly Schedule link at the upper right corner and reference your scheduled hours.  If you still need to discuss the calculation, speak to your manager or HR.
Absence Detail
  1. You do not need to click Forecast Balance at this time
    • This functionality has not been turned on for most colleges
  2. Enter a note in the Requestor Comments field at this time, this is not required
  3. Click Submit or Save for Later
    • If Save for Later is selected, you will need to edit and submit it at a later date (see View Absence Balance and History QRG)
    • If Submit is selected your supervisor will be notified that they need to approve your leave request
    • Once submitted, a leave request can only be edited by your supervisor or the HR leave administrator
  4. You will be taken to a screen that asks you to confirm your decision
  5. You will now be redirected to a view of your Submitted or Saved absence request