Approving or Denying an Absence Request - 18g

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to approve, deny, or push back absence requests in PeopleSoft HR.

Audience: Managers with the ability to approve time and absences

Approve/Deny/Push Back an Absence Request

Navigation: Main Menu > Manager Self Service > Time Management > Approve Time and Exceptions > Absence Requests

  1. Navigate to the Absence Requests Menu.
    • All absence request submissions from all your direct reports will be found here.
    • The drop down at the top of the page can be changed to show you:
      1. Pending  Absence: requests not yet acted on.
      2. Approved Absence: requests from the past approved by the supervisor.
      3. Denied:  Absence requests from the past denied by the supervisor.
  2. Click on the employee name to examine that specific absence request.
Absence Requests Status
  1. Examine the Request Details page
    • This page will show you the dates of the absence, the number of hours of leave it represents, and the current employee balance on the right hand side associated with that leave type.
    • If the current balance is 0 then the employee is request leave without pay, and at this time the manager should probably confirm with the employee that that was their intention.
    • The Forecast Balance button, if present, is not configured for all colleges at this time and should not be used.
  1. Review Requester Comments, if present
    • At this time if the manager would like to add a comment they may do so in Approver Comments, but it is not a required field unless specified by the college
  2. At this time the approver may choose to examine the links at the bottom if they are active for that employee.  They may not be active for every direct report depending on the job that absence is attached to.
    • View Absence Request History  this will take the manager to the absence history for that employee in that specific job.
    • View Absence Balances  this will take the manager to the current absence balances for that employee in that specific job.
    • View Monthly Calendar this will take the manager to the monthly time calendar for that employee in that specific job where there is a side by side comparison with the schedule for that employee and the time and labor entry they have completed for the current time period.
  3. At this time the approver may choose one of three actions:
    • Approve:  this ensures the absence request moves forward for processing prior to the next payroll.
    • Deny:  this means the absence request cannot move forward for processing and the employee is not authorized for that absence.
    • Push Back:  this means the absence needs to be edited in some manner by the employee before the manager can approve it, if this is chosen the employee will need to perform edits and then submit the absence again to the manager for approval.
  4. Once a manager has Approved or Denied an absence request, any further alterations to the request will need to be performed by a leave administrator in HR.