Using Results by Calendar Group - 18g

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to read the data presented in Results by Calendar Group in PeopleSoft HCM.

Audience: Payroll Administrator and Leave Administrator

Results by Calendar Group

Navigation: Main Menu > Global Payroll & Absence Mgmt > Absence and Payroll Processing > Review Absence and Payroll > Results by Calendar Group

  1. Navigate to the Results by Calendar Group menu item.
  2. Enter the EMPLID and EMPL RECORD of concern.
  3. Click Search.
  4. Choose the Calendar Group ID of concern (typically associated with a calculated Take or Entitlement).

Calendar Group Results Tab

  1. The top bar contains static information that exists on all tabs:
    • Employee name, Emplid, Empl Record, and Calendar Group ID
  2. Segment Information by Calendar
    • This section contains the results of the Calendar that is associated with the Calendar Group ID
    • There can be multiple entries here if Off Cycle transactions or other retroactive actions have created more “segments”
    • The Segment Detail link provides more information about that calendar run
  3. Additional Result Pages
    • Positive Input  Absence: if there are any balance adjustments being done, they will display in this area
    • Absence Data: will show you if any absences were processed for a particular calendar
    • Positive Input  Payroll: this area is for earnings and deductions, which is not related to AM (we don’t have Global Payroll so this link is not used)
    • Retro Calculation Deltas: if there are retro calculations being performed, the differences in calculation display here
    • Generated Positive Input: once a Take is finalized then results will publish to this area
Calendar Group Results Tab

Earning and Deductions Tab

This tab has to do with Global Payroll, which we do not use, so ignore this tab.

Accumulators Tab

  1. This tab shows year to date accumulated balances for all entitlement types
    • Sometimes a balance will appear to be “off” so keep in mind that YTD accumulated balances do not take into account carryover from the previous periods, (i.e. an employee VAC balance may be 10 hours, and the YTD might be 2 hours, because they had 8 hours of carryover from the previous period)
  2. To display all Accumulators the link “View All” will probably need to be clicked
    • Click “View 5” to reduce the display again
  3. Make a special note of the From and Through dates as they are not all defined by a calendar year, but the display of them in this tab is defined by a calendar year
    • For example in 2016 you can see a balance for a personal holiday if the From/Through dates include even a single day in 2016
Accumulators Tab

Supporting Elements

  1. This tab displays Entitlements gained for that calendar group and system elements that determine how Entitlements are calculated for an employee
  2. Click “View All” to see all elements on the page
    • Click “View 5” to reduce the display again
  3. Element Type column
    • Absence Entitlement: if an Entitlement was part of the absence run, then the element will populate on this tab along with the amount they were given
    • Duration: this element type typically defines “Years of Service” in our system which sometimes determines a scaling value of leave for the employee
    • Date: anniversary and hire date for the employee are what you will see under this type, this will be reflected in Job Data
    • Variable: every other data type relevant to absence is a variable, the one most relevant to double check is “SBCTC Leave Accrual Date” which defines when an employee starts accruing leave in the system
  4. This tab will populate with Entitlement values upon calculating the entitlement, however it will not affect the employee balance until the absence process has been Finalized
  5. It is always a good idea to check an Entitlement run on a few key, complicated, people using this tab prior to finalizing the Entitlements
Supporting Elements Tab