Using Absence Event - 18g

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to use the Absence Event page in PeopleSoft HCM.

Audience: Payroll Administrator and Leave Administrator

Navigation: Main Menu > Global Payroll & Absence Mgmt > Payee Data > Maintain Absences > Absence Event

Absence Event

  1. Enter the Emplid and Empl Record for the employee of concern.
  2. Click Search.

Absence Event Entry Tab

  1. Information will populate at the top containing Employee ID, Empl Record, and Name
  2. Change the From and Through date as needed to capture the absence period of interest for the employee
    • If the dates are changed, Refresh must be clicked to show the new results
  3. The Details link can be selected and will show more information about the specific absence
  4. Entry Source will show you which of the following roles generated the absence: Employee, Manager, or Administrator

Process Status Tab in the Absence Event Entry Tab

  1. The Process Status tab will display more information about the absence such as:
    • Status: can be Not Processed, Processed, or Finalized
    • Calendar Group ID: if the absence is Finalized, this column tells which Take it was Finalized in
    • Process Date: the date in which the Finalization took place

Adding an Absence Event as an Administrator

  1. Click the (+) button to add a row for a new absence
  2. Click the Details link to add the absence information
  3. Use the magnifying glass to select the correct Absence Take
    • All Take codes are available to an administrator even if they are NOT VALID for the employee
    • If the Admin would like to know which code to match to a balance, then the Admin should navigate to the Review Balances page and match the Entitlement Element
  4. Use the magnifying glass to select an Absence Reason
  5. By default the Manager Approved box
  6. Enter a Begin Date and End Date
  7. Select if the absence is a Partial Day or not as needed
    • If it is a Partial Day absence the Admin will need to know how many hours the absence is for specifically
  8. Click OK
Absence Event Input Detail page
  1. The finished entry will have an Entry Source of “Administrator Absence Event
  2. The finished entry will have a Workflow Status of “Approved”, however by entering the absence as an Admin the absence did not go through the workflow engine

Voiding or Deleting an Absence Event as an Administrator

  1. An Admin can Void (cancel) or Delete an absence for any employee, but they should only do this for data that is valid within 90 days
  2. To Void an absence:
    • Click the drop down menu for the absence line under Process Action
    • Select Void in the drop down
    • Click Save
    • The Workflow Status will change to Voided, but the Voided box will not check until the absence process has been run and finalized for that period
    • Once the absence process finalizes, the balance for the absence will return to the employee if the balance had been taken from the employee in a previous absence run
  3. To Delete an absence:
    • Click the (-) button at the end of the row associated with that absence
    • A Delete Confirmation screen will pop up, click OK
    • Click Save
    • The balance from the absence will return to the employee after the next absence run has been processed and finalized
  4. If the absence has been processed and finalized it is always better to Void than Delete, to maintain historical records in PeopleSoft
  5. If the absence request has not yet been processed, Delete is better than Void because there should not be any system processing needed in PeopleSoft for what is essentially a canceled future action