Adding a Class Fee 21b

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to add a class fee in ctcLink

Audience: Class Scheduling Staff

Navigation: Main Menu → Curriculum Management → Schedule of Classes → Maintain Schedule of Classes

Fees added at the course level are not seen on the class schedule pages.  Class fees will be charged in addition to any fees added at the course catalog level.   It is recommended to verify the fees on the course catalog prior to adding fees on the class sections to avoid any duplication.  Course fees can be seen at Main Menu > Curriculum Management > Course Catalog > Course Catalog

  1. Search for the Course
    1. Academic Institution: Enter or look up.
    2. Term:Enter or look up.
    3. Subject Area:Enter or look up.
    4. Using remaining search options to narrow the results.
  2. Click Search and select class from list
Find an Existing Value tab
  1. On the Basic Data tab click the Add Fee button.
Basic Data tab
  1. The data on the Course Fees Modal search page will default
    1. Input the Term code for the term the fee should apply
    2. Charge Method
      1. Most courses should remain with the Always default
      2. If the class should not charge tuition select Not include in term tuition from the drop down menu.
    3. Click the + button to add additional terms
Class Fees Modal tab
  1. Click the Class Sub-Fees Modal tab to select the fee to charge and enter the amount.
  1. Select an Account Type.
    1. Typically class fees are FEE or Mandatory Fees. Consult local business process to determine the account type.
  2. Item types are the specific codes for the fee being charged. Consult local business process to determine the item type code to be used for specific courses.

Note: Item types have been cross-walked from Legacy fee codes and use the same descriptions as the Fee Codes in legacy.

  1. Fee Trigger: Always select Use criteria.
  2. Fee Amount Equation: Leave blank.
  3. Fee Amount fields: Fees can be set as a per unit charge or as a flat amount.
  4. Min/Max Amounts: These fields only apply to this class section and would only be used if charging per unit.
  5. Adjustment Code: STD (Standard).
  6. Due Date Code: STD (Standard).
  7. Waiver Group: Please contact your student financial office regarding which Waiver Groups to use as they are college specific
  8. Use the [+] sign to add additional fees. Click Apply when completed to return to the course schedule page.
Class Sub Fees Modal tab


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