Adding an Instructor 21b

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to add an instructor to the Instructor/Advisor table in ctcLink

Audience: Class Scheduling Staff

When a new instructor is hired they will be entered into the HR system and synched to Campus Solutions to create a person record in Campus Community.  Once the record is available, follow these steps to make them a valid instructor for selection in the class schedule.

  1. Look up the Instructor by ID or Last/First Name then click Search or select from the list.
  1. On the Instructor/Advisor Table tab in the Instructor Details section enter the following:
    1. Effective Date: will default to current date unless an adjustment needs to be made.
    2. Status: Will default to Active.
    3. Instructor Type: Select from List.
    4. Academic Institution: Enter or look up.
    5. Primary Academic Org: Select from the list.
    6. Instructor Available: Select Available.
  2. In the Instructor/Advisor Role section enter the following:
    1. Career: Enter or look up
    2. Remaining Fields are optional
  1. The Approved Courses tab fields are optional and enable colleges to limit the specific subjects or courses in which instructors can be assigned.


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