Printing a Class Roster 21n

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to Print a class roster in ctcLink

Audience: Student Services Staff

Main Menu → Curriculum Management → Class Roster → Class Roster→ Print Class Roster

Find an Existing Value tab
  1. Search for an existing run control or click Add a New Value
    1. Input a run control for this process and click Add
Print Class Roster
  1. On the Print Class Roster page input the following
    1. Academic Institution: Enter or Look Up
    2. Term: Enter or Look Up
    3. Session: This will default to regular but can be changed if needed
    4. Sort Order: This will default to Name but can be changed if needed
    5. Class Nbr.: Enter Class number
    6. Students in The Report: Select which students to include in the report
  2. Click Run
Process Scheduler Request
  1. Verify the process is selected
  2. Click OK
Print Class Roster
  1. Click Process Monitor
Process Monitor link
  1. Click Refresh until the Distribution Status is Posted
  2. Click Details Link
Process Detail page
  1. Click View Log/Trace
View Log Trace page
  1. Select the PDF file to view and Print the Roster


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