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Rolling Course Catalog Changes to Schedule of Classes 21a

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for rolling data from the course catalog to schedule of classes in ctcLink.

Audience: Class Scheduling staff

Navigation: Main Menu > Curriculum Management > Roll Curriculum Data Forward > Course Roll

Rolling data course catalog schedule classes

Use the Course Roll page to select a course offering that is already scheduled, and if necessary to synchronize the sessions with the latest course catalog information.

  1. Enter the appropriate search criteria.
    1. Academic Institution - institution code (e.g. WA171 for Spokane Community College).
    2. Term – enter or look up (e.g. 2147 for Fall 2014).
    3. Subject Area– enter or look up (e.g. ENGL for English).
    4. Enter additional search criteria to narrow results.
  2. Click the Search button.
  1. Compare the course catalog information on the top of the page with the Institution, Career, Term, Session, Academic Group, Class Nbr, Subject, Catalog, Section, and Description (course title) values for the scheduled class sections listed in the Class Sections grid.
  2. If these values are different, click the Course Roll button to synchronize the scheduled class sections with the latest course catalog offering information. The system rolls the course catalog data down to the schedule of classes for each class section that is scheduled for the course during the term and session specified. The system processes the request and immediately displays the prospective changes to the schedule of classes results in the Class Sections area. Review the results of the roll process. If the results are not as expected, do not save the page. Simply exit the page, and no update to the schedule of classes occurs. If the results are as expected, save the page to confirm and update the schedule of classes.


Frances Mayfield

Good morning,
When would this need to be done and how often does this need to happen?

Gretchen Fulmer (SBCTC)

This is done very rarely. If a change has been made in the course catalog after the classes have been set for the term, it will update a few select fields such as the description etc.

Patrice Bunge

An error in the updating of our course catalog has caused a change in the primary graded component. This was not caught during class build. I went into the test environment, made the correction in the course catalog and tried rolling the curriculum data, but it did not work. I am assuming, now, that change in primary component does not roll forward.

Gretchen Fulmer (SBCTC)

Below is a comment from the functional analyst most familiar with course/class information.

"There’s another QRG “Making Class Updates 21b” that refers to the Primary Graded Component and how that shouldn’t be changed after class scheduling. If Patrice’s class is enrolled she’ll need to work with Enrollment Services and TCC may need to submit a ticket for this one."

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