Creating Course Topics 21a

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for building course topics in ctcLink

Audience: Course Catalog Staff

Creating Course Topics

Course Topics must be created in the Course Catalog before they can be used when scheduling a class for enrollment. It is not recommended to make effective dated changes to the course catalog that would by date impact the term after classes have been scheduled. It is best practice to always forward effective date catalog changes to the next term.  If a Topic is needed to apply to a term that a class has already been scheduled, use a Free Format topic on the Class Meetings tab for the current term and forward date the changes in the catalog to apply to the next available term, see the Class Topics QRG for details on adding a Free Format Topic.

Navigation: Main Menu > Curriculum Management > Course Catalog > Course Catalog

  1. Search for the desired course in the Course Catalog.
Course Catalog Search Criteria
  1. Course Topics are created on the Catalog Data tab.
  2. If adding topics to a class, insert a new effective dated row by clicking the (+) plus sign.
    1. Topics will not be able to be used when scheduling a class until after the effective date.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and input topic descriptions.
  4. Use the (+) plus sign to add additional topics.

Only one topic per section can be selected when scheduling a class.

Catalog Data tab
  1. Click the Repeat for Credit tab to indicated topics that are allowed to be taken more than once. (optional)
    1. This option is only available if the Repeat for Credit box is selected in the Repeat for Credit Rules section on the Catalog data tab.
    2. If this checkbox is not selected, additional enrollment in the same topic is subject to the repeat rules set up in the Repeat Rule Table.
Repeat for Credit Rules page
  1. The system assigns a unique Topic Link ID for each topic. The repeat checking process uses this number when determining if the topic was already taken. If you create a new effective-dated row for this course, the system carries over the topic link ID to the new effective-dated row. If the Override Topic Link ID check box was selected, the Topic Link ID field becomes available for edit. This selection enables you to link course topics within a course across effective-dated rows by giving them the same topic link ID. Because the repeat checking process uses the topic link ID, the process views similar topics that have the same topic link ID as being identical.  (optional)
  2. Click the Save button.
Course Topics-Override Topic Link ID


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