Course Attributes Set-up 21a

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for adding or changing course attributes in the Course Attribute Table in ctcLink

Audience: Student Records Staff

Defining and Changing Course Attributes

Navigation: Main Menu > Set Up SACR > Product Related > Student Records > Curriculum Management > Course Attributes

Use Course Attributes for institutional research purposes, reporting, and to print repetitive text in the schedule of classes or courses catalog, such as Offered in Fall Only.  Course attributes are attached to courses on the Catalog Data page and to classes on the Basic Data page.  Unlike requirement designations, course attributes do not transfer to PeopleSoft Academic Advisement.

  1. To define a new Course Attribute, click on the Add a New Value tab.
  2. Enter a code (up to 4 alpha-numeric characters) for the new Course Attribute (codes beginning with S are reserved for SBCTC-Olympia use. The example shown below is for Assessment.)
  3. Click Add.Note:  Once you assign a Course Attribute Code, you cannot delete it.  However, you can inactivate it.
Add a New Value Tab
  1. Select a status for this Course Attribute. Select Active when adding a Course Attribute. Add a new effective-dated row and select Inactive if your institution no longer uses this attribute and any of the corresponding attribute values.
  2. Enter a description. The description you enter here appears on the schedule of classes report or the catalog report if you select the Schedule Print check box or the Catalog Print check box.
  3. When you attach attributes to courses (and classes,) you can also specify attribute values. Therefore you can define parent course attributes that have one or more values.
  4. Insert rows to create multiple attribute values.
  5. Catalog Print can be selected to display the course attribute formal description in the course catalog report.
  6. Select Schedule Print to display the course attribute formal description in the schedule of classes report.
  7. Selecting Show in Class Search allows students to search by Course Attribute in Self Service if the Class Search Profile (for example, STDT) includes search criteria of Course Attribute.

If this check box is selected for a Course Attribute Value, the Class Search Profile includes search criteria of Course Attribute, and the Include Course Attribute Value check box is selected for this profile, then a student can search by the Course Attribute Value in Self Service.

  1. Enter a description and a formal description of the attribute values. The formal description will appear on the schedule or classes report or the course catalog report if the Schedule Print or Catalog Print check box was selected.
Course Attributes Page

If colleges would like additional attributes added to courses, a request would need to be made with the Change Advisory Board.


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