Attendance Roster - Individual Class 21k

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for tracking attendance for individual classes in ctcLink.

Audience: Student Records staff

Navigation: Main Menu > Curriculum Management > Attendance Roster > Attendance Roster by Class

  1. Enter the following criteria then click the Search button.
    1. Academic Institution
    2. Term
    3. Class Nbr
Find an Existing Value
  1. Generate rosters for all class meetings -
    1. Populate from Student Enroll:
      • Check this box to have the system automatically populate enrolled student data.
      • Uncheck this box to manually enter students for all class meetings.
    2. Click the Generate button.
Attendance Roster by Class page
  1. Click the View button to enter student attendance data by class meeting date.
Attendance Roster by Class page
  1. Enter applicable attendance data then click the Save and Return button.

*Note - additional attendees may be entered by clicking the [+] plus button.

Class Attendance page

Once attendance data has been entered, use the Create button to update enrollment or meeting patterns. Do not use the Generate button. This functions as if you are generating rosters from scratch. All attendance data will be lost.

  1. The Create button can be used to do the following -
    1. Update enrolled student data: in the event a student adds or drops the class or makes changes to their primary name.
      1. Click Create only - Enrolled students are automatically updated, new rows added where applicable.
      2. Check the Override box then click the Create button - regenerates the class meeting from scratch, any previously entered data will be lost.
    2. Add class meetings outside the scheduled pattern:
      1. Click the [+] plus button.


Attendance Roster By Class plus button

              II.  Enter the Attendance Date, From Time, and To Time then click the Create button.

Attendance Roster By Class Create button

               III.  Click View to enter student attendance data.

  1. Click the Print button to print attendance rosters by class meeting.


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