Generate Grade Roster - Batch 21n

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for generating grade rosters in ctcLink.

Audience: Student Records

Main Menu → Curriculum Management → Grading → Create Grade Rosters

  1. Enter or create a Run Control ID. The same run control can be used for this process each term. If a run control has been previously created click Search on the Find an Existing Value Tab. If this is the first time running this process, enter a new run control ID in the Add a New Value tab and click Add.
  1. On the Create Grade Rosters page enter the following required information:

a.  Term

b.  Academic Organization

c.  Grad Roster Selector: defaults to Final Grade but can be used to create Mid-Term grade rosters.

d.  Override Existing Grad Roster: 

1. Yes: Enter to delete and override any preexisting grade rosters when you run the Create Grade Roster process.

2. No: Enter to retain all prior grade rosters when you run the Create Grade Roster process. The system produces rosters only for those classes for which rosters have not yet been generated and appends any currently enrolled students who are not on the original roster.

e.  Session and Class dates can be selected but are not required.

  1. Click the Run button.
  2. Verify or Select the processes on the list and click OK.
  1. Click Process Monitor, the process may take time to run based on quantity of records processed.
  2. Click Refresh on the Process monitor page to update the process run status until the run status displays as Success.


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