Managing Individual Class Grade Rosters 21n

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for managing grade rosters for an individual class in ctcLink.

Audience: All staff

Use the Grade Roster page to post grades on a course-by-course basis.

Navigation: Main Menu > Curriculum Management > Grading > Grade Roster

  1. Click the Institution lookup icon and select the appropriate school.
  2. Click the Termlookup icon and select the appropriate term.
  3. Click the Subject Area lookup icon and select the appropriate subject area.
  4. Click the Catalog Nbr lookup icon and select the appropriate catalog number.
  5. Click theSearchbutton and select from the results list.

Creating and Updating a Grade Roster

Only generated grade rosters will display on the Grade Roster Type page.  If the grade roster has not been generated it can be created at this time.

  1. Click the Grade Roster Type drop-down menu and select the grade roster type.
  2. Click the Create button.
  3. If the Grade roster has already been generated and the user clicks the Create button, the system will update the roster with any added or dropped students. Clicking the Override checkbox before clicking Create will generate a new roster rather than append the roster. 

Note: If grades have already been entered and an update needs to be performed for added or dropped students, the system will remove the grades when the user clicks Create.  Make sure to print or save the grades from the Grade Roster tab so they can be manually re-entered once the update is performed. 

Entering Grades on the Roster

  1. If the instructor does not enter grades via self-service, the grades can be entered manually on the grade roster tab.
  2. Click the Grade Roster tab.
  3. Enter the appropriate grade in the Roster Grade field or click the lookup icon to select the appropriate grade.
  1. Click the Save button.

Grade Roster Approval Statuses

  1. There are three Grade Roster Approval statuses, these directly connect to the access instructors are given on the class meeting pattern page on the class schedule

a.  Not Reviewed: Grade Rosters are in this status if the instructor has not entered and submitted grades

b.  Ready for Review: These grades must be reviewed and set to Approved status.  Instructors on the class schedule can be given Grade access.  This allows them to enter grades but requires someone to mark the roster as Approved before the grades can be posted.

c.  Approved: Grades in Approved status are ready to post.  Instructors on the class schedule can be given Approve access which allows the grades to be posted manually or by batch.

  1. Once the instructor has set the status as Ready for Review or Approved and saved the roster, changes to the roster cannot be made unless the roster is set back to Not Reviewed status.  Changing the status back to Not Reviewed would allow the instructor back into the grade roster to make changes prior to grades being posted.

Posting the Grade Roster

  1. Click the Grade Roster Type tab.
  2. If the grades are not in Approved status, click the Approval Status drop-down menu and select Approved.
  3. Click the Post button.

Notice the Final Roster Grading Status field changed to Posted.

Partial Post

  1. If a grade(s) needs to be entered for a student(s) before all grades are available, a partial post will allow the users to post the roster and leave the roster open for further grade entry.
  2. On the Grade Roster Type tab, selecting the Partial Post box
  1. Click the Post button.


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