Posting Grades for Multiple Classes 21n

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for posting grades for multiple classes in ctcLink.

Audience: All staff

Posting Grades for Multiple Classes

Use the Grade Roster page to post grades for multiple classes.

Navigation: Main Menu > Curriculum Management > Grading > Grade Post

  1. Enter an existing Run Control ID or click the Add a New Value tab and create a new Run Control ID.
  2. Click the Add button.
  1. Click the Academic Institution drop-down menu and select the desired school. The user’s assigned institution will default.
  2. Click the Term lookup icon and select the appropriate term.
  3. Session and Class Dates are options fields. Use these fields to narrow results.
  4. Click the Academic Organization lookup icon and select the appropriate organization.
  5. Click the Partial Post Option drop-down menu and select the appropriate option.

·  Yes – Select to partially post all rosters in your parameters, regardless of whether or not the rosters are missing grades.

·  No – Select to post only rosters that have a status ofApproved.

  1. Click the Run button.
  1. If the service name does not prefill, select PSUNX option form the Server Name drop-down menu.
  2. Click the OK button.
  1. Click the Process Monitor link. Make notes of the process instance.
  1. Click the Refresh button until the Run Status field is Success and the Distribution Status field is Posted.


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