Removing Grade from GPA Calculations 21n

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for changing a grading basis in ctcLink.

Audience: Student Records Staff

Processing a Grading Basis Change

This process will discuss how to change the grading basis on a course to keep the grade from calculating in the term or cumulative student GPA.

Navigation: Main Menu > Records and Enrollment > Enroll Students > Quick Enroll a Student

  1. ID: Enter info or Look Up
  2. Academic Career: Enter info or Look Up
  3. Academic Institution: Enter info or Look Up.
  4. Term: Enter info or Look Up
  5. Click the Add button.
  1. Class Enrollment Tab
    1. Select the Norm Maint Action from the Action drop-down menu
    2. Class Nbr: Enter info or Look Up
      1. The look up for the Norm Maint option will only return classes the student is enrolled in
  1. Click Units and Grade tab.
    1. Grade Base: Change the Grade Basis to GFG
  1. Click the Submit button.
  2. Verify the status for each class is Success.


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