Creating Enrollment Requirements 21a

Purpose: Use this document as a reference creating enrollment requirement groups in ctcLink.

Audience: Registration Staff

Creating Enrollment Requirements

Enrollment Requirements are used when you want to use course lists or have common requirements that can be used for multiple courses or classes.  An Enrollment requirement can be added to multiple enrollment requirement groups.

  1. On the Enrollment Requirements search page, click on the Add a New Value tab.
    1. Allow the Academic Requirement number to default.
  2. Click the Add button.
  1. On the  Enrollment Requirement tab, enter information into the following fields:
    1. Effective Date: Recommended to use 1/1/1901 for Enrollment Requirements
    2. Status: Mark as Active
    3. Description fields: Input descriptions to easily find these requirements, these are not displayed to students
    4. Academic Institution: Input college code
    5. All other fields are optional
  1. On the Parameters tab, enter information that should be used for the overall requirement, all fields on this page are optional. For example, if the student must have a overall minimum GPA or minimum cumulative units in addition to items indicated on other tabs.  
  1. On the Line Item tab, select the types of requirements that will be used with descriptions for each requirement.
    1. Click the [+] or [-] to add or remove additional line items.
  1. On the Line Item Parm tab: 

This tab will give additional fields that are available based on the type of line item selected in the step above.  For example: If the line item is a course, a specific number or courses units or GPA for that specified course can be added.  Match the line number on this tab to the line number on the Line Item tab. 

  1. On the Line Item Detail tab: 

This tab allows you to connect the specific criteria for each line item, such as catalog numbers, test scores, milestone, etc.  For example: If the line item is a test score, this tab will allow you to select the Test ID and the required test component and score to meet the requirement.  Match the line number on this tab to the line number on the Line Item tab. 

  1. Click the Save button.


Stacie Moran

I noticed the prerequisite language states, "ENGL& 101 with grade or S or milestone". Is this language prescribed or can each college create its own verbiage for prerequisites?

Corinne Taylor

Thank you for the inquiry!
Descriptions are college defined.

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