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Using Enrollment Requirement Groups for Linked Classes (Co-Requisites) 21h

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for using enrollment requirement groups for co-requisites  in ctcLink.

Audience: Staff building Enrollment requirements

Enrollment Requirement Groups are connected at the course or class level for prerequisites,  co-requisites, anti-requisites, etc.  

Users can use enrollment requirements groups to set up co-requisites in Peoplesoft. A co-requisite requires the student to enroll in cross subject courses in a single enrollment transaction. To accomplish this in Peoplesoft, you will create two enrollment requirement groups that will be placed on each class.  Example: The college wants the student to enroll in ENGL& 101 and CMST& 210 in the same term.

Unfortunately co-requisites will accept a previously completed course as meeting the requirement.

  1. On the Enrollment Requirement Groups search page, click on the Add a New Value tab.
  2. Allow the Requirement Group number to default.
  3. Click the Add button.
Add a New Value Tab
  1. On the Course Requisite tab, enter information into the following fields:
    1. Effective Date: Recommended to use 1/1/1901 for Enrollment Requirements
    2. Status: Mark as Active
    3. Description fields: The Description and Long Description will display to students on catalog search and class search.  Give specific details for students on these descriptions regarding the required co-requisites course. IMPORTANT:  For Long Description: This information will be included in the error that pops up for the student if they try to enroll in only one of the linked classes.
    4. Academic Institution: Input college code
    5. All other fields are optional
Course Requisite Tab
  1. On the Requisite Parameters tab (optional)
    1. Enter information that should be used for the overall requirement, all fields on this page are optional. For example, if the student must have a overall minimum GPA or minimum cumulative units in addition to items indicated on other tabs.  
  1. On the Requisite Detail tab, this is where to select the courses, enrollment requirements or conditions that will be used as a prerequisite or co-requisite for the course/class.
    1. Click the [+] or [-] to add or remove additional line items.
    2. For example:  In this example for a linked class, the user will identify that CMST& 210 will be a co-requisite for ENGL& 101, if needing to link a specific class section for a specific term this can be done by adding term and Associated class number.

Associated class numbers are set at the schedule level, if a specific class number/section is being identified, the class MUST be identified with a unique class association number.  If the same associated class number is being used on multiple class sections, the Enrollment Requirement Group will require the student to enroll in all sections with that associated class number.

Once you add another line you will get a drop down with the options of “And” or “Or”. The example below shows an “And”, so the student must choose both of those classes in order to successfully enroll. If there were three classes that the student needed to take, click the plus button again and add the third class with an “And” also.

Requisite Detail Tab

Below is an example of a Learning Community where the student has a choice between ENGL 101 or 102 or 238 and ENGL 111 or 278. As long as the student chooses one class from each group (the groups are separated by the “And” circled in red), they will be able to enroll.

  1. On the Requisite Detail Parameters tab (optional)
    1. This tab will give additional fields that are available based on the group line type  selected in the step above.  For example: If the line item is a course, a specific number or courses units or GPA for that specified course can be added. This is not typically used with a co-requisite item UNLESS additional prerequisites are required.
Requisite Detail Parameters
  1. Click the Save button.
  2. Repeat steps 1-8 to set up the Enrollment Requirement Group that will be applied to the courses that will need to be taken concurrently. Second group for example shown below.
Group Line Type Section
  1. Users will now need to link these Enrollment Requirement Groups to the classes either at the catalog level or at the class section level.
    1. The example shown is specific to a single class section and therefore the Enrollment Requirement Group will be added on the Class Association page for each class and not at the catalog level.
Class Association Requisites Section

In this example, notice that shown below this co-requisite enrollment requirement group can be used in addition to one already set at the catalog level or by un-checking the Also Use Catalog Requisite box. This Enrollment Requirement Group will be used in place of the one identified at the catalog level.

Class Association Requisites Section
  1. Students/Staff that do not enroll the student in both sections, will get a enrollment error.
Enrollment Message Log Page
  1. Students will see the description from the Enrollment Requirement Group in the class detail on the class search.  In cases where there is both a catalog and a class requirement, both will show in the Enrollment Requirement information box as shown below.
Class Detail Page


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