Reserve Capacity - Class Building 21b

Purpose:  Use this document as a reference for how to use Reserve Capacity in ctcLink.

Audience:  Class Builder

Using Reserve Capacity

Navigation:  Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Schedule New Course


Navigation:  Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Maintain Schedule of Classes

A user may add a Reserve Capacity while scheduling a new class or add a Reserve Capacity to an existing class.

  1. Navigate to the Reserve Cap tab. Enter the Start Date (day the Reserve Capacity goes into effect), The Requirement Group and the number of enrollments being reserved. A user may add additional Reserve Capacity Groups by clicking the Add (+) button.
Reserve Cap tab, Reserve Capacity Requirement Group section

Reference the Requirement Group QRG (link below) if the Requirement Group is not in the look up glass icon feature.  There may be set up and/or effective dating work needed.

Creating Enrollment Requirement Groups

Values for Requirement Groups are defined through the Enrollment Requirement Group component.  Students who attempt to enroll in the class and who satisfy the reserve capacity requirement group that you specify can enroll in the class up to the Cap Enrl value, (as long as the enrollment does not exceed the total enrollment capacity that you specify on the Enrollment Control page).

  1. If a user would like the Reserve Capacity to expire, add a row by clicking the Add (+) button and enter the Start Date to expire, the Requirement Group and enter 0 as the Cap Enrl. This step frees up the space for other students.
Reserve Cap tab, Reserve Capacity Requirement Group section
  1. Click Save and the Reserve Capacity has been established.


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