Creating an Elective Grade Basis 21n

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to create an Elective Grade Basis in ctcLink.

Audience: Registration Staff

Access to the page used in this QRG is limited and is assigned by the local ctcLink security administrator.

Use an Elective Grade Basis to allow students to select a mode of grading for a particular class. Example - allow student to select Pass/Fail.

Navigation:  Main Menu > Set Up SACR > Foundation Tables > Academic Structure > Grading Scheme Table

  1. Enter your college code in the SetID field then click Search.
Grading Scheme Table Find Existing Value tab
  1. Select the desired Grading Scheme.
  2. Click the uppermost [+] button to add a new effective row to the Grading Scheme.
Grading Scheme Table
  1. Set the Effective Date of the new row to the first day of the term that the Elective Grade Basis is a valid option.
  2. In the Grade Basis section, click the [+] button to add a new row.
Grading Scheme Table
  1. Complete the Grade Basis section.
    1. Grade Basis: select OPT - Student Option
    2. Formal Description: enter the desired description (50 char. max)
    3. Check the Elective Grade Basis box after selecting OPT  Student Option as the Grade Basis.
Grade Basis page
  1. Complete the Grading Basis Choice section.
    1. Grading Basis Choice: use the magnifying glass to select the applicable grading bases.
    2. Click the [+] button to add additional grading bases.
Grading Basis Choice page
  1. Click the Save button.
  2. In the Grade Basis section, select a Grade Basis Choice Default that the system will use as the default value during enrollment.
Grade Basis page
  1. Click the Save button.
  2. To assign this Grade Basis to a class, refer to the Adjusting the Grade Basis of an Individual Class QRG.


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