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Adding Textbook Information to a Class 21b

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to add textbook information to a class in ctcLink

Audience: Class Scheduling Staff

Textbook information can be added to classes in the class schedule at the time classes are built in PeopleSoft or added as the information becomes available.

Navigation: Main Menu → Curriculum Management → Schedule of Classes → Maintain Schedule of Classes

  1. Look up the class by Institution, Term, Subject and Catalog Number then select the Search button.
Maintain Schedule of Classes Search Criteria page
  1. Use the arrows on the Class Sections bar to find the section for which you want to add text book information and then select the Textbook tab.
Textbook tab

College can add specific textbooks to each section of the class or add a link to the college bookstore in the Special Instructions section to link students to their bookstore website.

  1. Use the Course Materials, Details and Notes tabs to add specific textbooks, course resources and other materials to each section of the class.
  2. Click the [+] to add multiple textbooks or course materials.
Textbook tab Details section highlighted
  1. Use the Special Instructions box to input the college bookstore website.  This can be done in lieu of adding specific course materials or in addition to the specific course materials.
Textbook tab Details section highlighted
  1. Change the Textbook Assignment Status to TextBook entry complete by selecting the radio button.
  2. Click the Save button.
Textbook tab - Textbok entry complete button highlighted

Textbook information will display in the Class Details for the section of the class.

Class Detail page - Textbook/Other Materials section highlighted

Copying Textbooks Between Sections

If multiple sections of the same class use the same textbook, college can copy the textbook information between sections.

  1. Go to the Section of the class that needs Textbooks assigned and select the Copy Textbooks button.
Textbook tab - Copy Textbook button highlighted
  1. A warning message will display that Copying Textbook information from another section will delete any existing information on this section for textbooks, select the OK button to overwrite existing information.
Textbook tab warning message
  1. Users will be taken to a Class Search to identify the class the textbook information will be copied from, input the search criteria to identify the class.
Schedule of Classes Search Criteria
  1. Once the class section is identified, click the Select button.
Schedule of Classes page
  1. Verify the textbook information that was copied.
  2. Select the Save button.
Textbook tab - Course Materials section

Low Cost Textbooks

  1. For low cost textbooks, enter course attribute information and value in the Class Attributes section of the Basic Data tab.
    1. Course Attribute - SLCM
    2. Course Attribute Value - SLCM
Basic Data tab - Course attributes
  1. Enter "The required instructional materials cost $50 or less; there may be additional mandatory equipment/supplies to purchase." in the Special Instructions box of the Textbook Assignment section of the Textbook tab.
Textbook tab - Special Instructions highlighted


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