PeopleSoft Coding for Basic Skills 21

Purpose: Use this document as reference for using PeopleSoft coding basics for Basic Skills

Audience: Student Services Staff

Basic Skills Students

Anyone who is 16 years of age or older and not enrolled in secondary school, and who either has needs below the level of high school completion  as evidenced by a CASAS test score below 256  or is limited-English-proficient, with a CASAS test score below 236, is eligible to participate in Adult Basic Education activities.

To be considered ABE students, they must meet these criteria, must be reported through WABERS, must be CASAS-tested, must not be charged more than $25 in tuition per quarter to participate, and must be enrolled in an “eligible” adult basic education learning activity. “Eligible activities” include Education Interviewing; reading, writing and/or math in ABE levels 1-4; speaking, listening, reading and/or writing in ESL levels 1-6; GED test preparation in levels 1-2, and High School Completion levels 1-2.

Students enrolled exclusively in Basic Skills courses should be coded in the Transitional Study Program with a Plan Code of one of the following:  ESL, ABE, HSE, or HSD.  Students enrolled in basic skills courses will be automatically added to the SWBR Student Group.

Basic Skills Courses

Most basic skills courses are state funded and will have the following coding.

Intent Course Attribute SINT
Intent Course Attribute Value Academic or Workforce (reflects purpose of class)
Funding Course Attribute SFND
Funding Course Attribute Value 1
Educational Interviewing (EDI)/Orientation Courses  - often referred to as “orientation”
This course can be used with any of the programs listed.
Educational Interviewing CIP Code 32.0201
English as a Second Language/English Language Acquisition Courses
32.0301 ESL Level 1 32.0304 ESL Level 4
32.0302 ESL Level 2 32.0305 ESL Level 5
32.0303 ESL Level 3 32.0306 ESL Level 6
Adult Education and Adult Secondary Education Courses
32.0210 ABE Level 1 32.0240 ABE Level 4
32.0220 ABE Level 2 32.0203 ASE Level 1
32.0230 ABE Level 3 32.0204 ASE Level 2
HS 21+ Courses
Any of the CIP Codes listed for the above programs must be used for HS 21+ Courses.
ABE Funded High School Completion (NOT HS 21+) Courses
32.9997 ABE Funded Basic HSC 32.9998 ABE Funded Advanced HSC
Contract High School Completion
32.0205 Basic HSC 32.0208 Advanced HSC
Corrections – must have a DOC location and the following:
Funding Course Attribute Value 4 (Contract Funded)
Contract Basic Skills (not corrections) – contracted basic skills courses must have the following:
Funding Course Attribute Value 4 (Contract Funded)
Special Non-state Funded Basic Skills CIP Code 32.0401
I-BEST Support Courses (ABE) – DO NOT use SBST Course Attribute
Any of the CIP Codes listed for the above programs must be used for IBEST Support Classes.
I-BEST Support Courses (Dev Ed) – DO NOT use SBST Course Attribute
A Dev Ed CIP (33 series) must be used, such as 33.0109.  Not basic skills, so not included in WABERS+.

I-BEST Courses

I-BEST courses are coded as Academic or Vocational, depending on the approved I-BEST program.  To identify I-BEST courses and students, the following Course Attributes are used.  Students enrolled in classes with these Course Attributes are automatically put in the SBST Student Group.  Students in the highlighted Course Attributes are also put in the SWBR Student Group, as they are the only ones included in WABERS+, the system for adult education reporting.  Only the highlighted I-BEST Course Attributes should be used for basic skills students.

Course Attribute Value Description Generates Enhanced FTES Included in WABERS?
II14ACDCIP I-BEST Stand Alone Academic Course No No
II14DEVCIP I-BEST Stand Alone Developmental Course No No
II24VOCCIP I-BEST Stand Alone Vocational Course No No
II14FPS42 I-BEST Academic with Adult Ed Students Yes Yes
II15FPS42 I-BEST Academic with Dev Ed Students Yes No
II21FPS42 I-BEST Vocational with Adult Ed Students Yes Yes
II24FPS42 I-BEST Vocational with Dev Ed Students Yes No
II25FPS42 I-BEST Extended Voc with Adult Ed Students Yes Yes
II26FPS42 I-BEST Extended Voc with Dev Ed Students Yes No
CONTIBEST Contracted I-BEST Course No Yes

Additional Notes on Basic Skills Courses, Classes, and Students

  • If you do not want these classes to be included for Financial Aid eligibility, zero out the FA Progress Units to exclude credits for Financial Aid.  (If the course is variable credit, this cannot be done at the course level, but rather at the class level using the Adjust Class Associations page.)
  • Review ABE Course List Fees to ensure students are charged appropriately. Information for maintaining these courses:.


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