Class Permissions - Batch Generation 21b

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for generating class permission numbers in batch in ctcLink

Audience: All Staff

Navigation:  Main Menu > Records and Enrollment > Term Processing > Class Permissions > Generate Add Permissions

  1. Enter an existing Run Control ID or select the Add a New Value tab if this is your first time running the process.
Generate Add Permission page - Find an Existing Value Run control ID and Search buttons highlighted
Generate Add Permissions - Add a New Value tab. Run Control ID and Add buttons highlighted
  1. Enter the request parameters (* marks required value) -
    1. Academic Institution*
    2. Academic Group: select group or leave blank for all
    3. Term*
    4. Subject Area: select subject or leave blank for all
    5. Percent of Enrollment Capacity*: defaults to .10, change as necessary
    6. Minimum of Permission Assign*: defaults to 10, change as necessary
    7. Commit Frequency: accept default
    8. Permission Expire Date*: enter an expiration date
    9. Permission Valid For*: all check boxes default as selected, remove checks as necessary
Generate Add Permissions page
  1. *OPTIONAL: Click [+] plus key to specify additional criteria or terms to run.
  2. Select the Run button.
Generate Add Permissions page Run button highlighted
  1. Ensure the process is selected then click the OK button.
Process Scheduler Request page Class Permissions selected and OK button highlighted
  1. Select the Process Monitor link to review the run control status.
Generate Add Permissions page with Process Instance Number and Process Monitor displayed
  1. Refresh the process list until the Run Status is Success and Distribution Status is Posted.
Process List page with Run Status and Distribution Status highlighted


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