How to Hide an Event

Purpose: If someone wanted hide an event from the public non-signed in user or perhaps certain security groups.

Audience: Schedulers and Functional Administrators

  1. The first step in hiding an event is to determine what event(s) need to be hidden and create a search for those events.
    • Let's use the example of a staff retirement event.  The scheduler/planner would like to hide this event so it's surprise event.  Every meeting or event should be entered in 25Live.  Accurate data is necessary for 25Live and this requires adding all events into the system.  
    • The event(s) have been added and now the admin needs to find the event.  The requester can find the event and then create a search and share that search with the admin or the admins can locate the event that needs to be hidden.  Either way, a search for the event must occur and the search results must be saved.
  1. Once the search is saved, the admin must log into the Admin utility and then click on Manage Events and go to Your Searches.
  1. You can look at your search results and find all the Retirement Events that you want to hide or just a specific one.
    • If you are looking for a specific event, make a note of the reference number so it's easier to locate the specific meeting or event you want to hide.
    • Once you have found the event, you can click on the Edit Security tab and that will pull up the Object Security section.
  1. Once in the Object Security Settings for the event(s), click into the "Not Visible" column on all the security groups you want to hide the event from and save changes.


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