Setting up Assignment Policy

Purpose: Assignment Policy is a way to determine which people, positions or offices are allowed to assign rooms for events.

Audience: 25Live Functional Administrators

  1. Every location and resource can be controlled by an individual or group.  These types of approval entities are created as security groups.  
    1. If there is one conference room on campus that is controlled by one person, then a security group must be created to assign/approve that room for an event.  
    2. The same rules are applied to Resources.  If there is one special podium on campus that is controlled by one person or office, then a security group needs to be set-up so the requests for that resource are routed to the person who approves or assigns the resource.  
    3. No other person can assign/approve that room unless they are added to that security group.  The challenge is each person can only be assigned to one security group so careful planning is required when setting up these security groups.
  1. To set-up Assignment Policy, you need to log into your Admin Utility and open up a space record by selecting the space and clicking the Edit icon.  Setting up assignment policy for Locations works the exact same way for Resources.
  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the space record and you will see Assignment Policy in bold.  It’s also important to remember that you can make these types of edits to more than one space at a time.
  1. When you open the Assignment Policy section, you will see all the security groups that have been created.  
    1. Most groups will have the radio button of “Request” selected which allows each group to be able to request the space.  
    2. There is also “Request/Unassign” which allows people to request the location or resource but also unassign it once it’s been confirmed.  Some schools don’t like this because the requestors are not aware that the space or resource has been unassigned.  
    3. For the approvers and administrators, they will generally select “Assign, Unassign, Approve” which provides the ability to approve and assign.


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