How to set-up Notifications

Purpose: Using Notifications is a great way to communicate with people regarding events that are happening on campus.

Audience: 25Live Functional Administrators

Notifications can be used with Event Types, Event Requirements and on Locations & Resources that are requested and Organizations that are involved in the event.

  1. Log into your Admin URL.
  1. To set up Notifications for Event Requirements, open up the Event Tab and scroll down to Requirements (Other).  

As a reminder, Requirements are used in the Event Wizard to ask requesters certain questions about their event.  The response to these questions would then kick-off a notification to someone involved with the requirements.  In the example below, if food is going to be included, perhaps that alerts Food Services or if there is an admission fee, then a notification is sent to the Cashiers office.

  1. Each Requirement can have a separate Notification policy and separate contacts associated with each one.
  1. When you have decided that you want to notify a contact(s), you will get a screen that will allow you to set-up up the timing of the notification.  Also, you can decide which contact needs to receive a courtesy notification and which should actually have a little more information.  The "approval required" will not hold up the event, but it does alert the scheduler that there are some concerns before such event can occur.
  1. The same process is used for setting up Notifications when setting up Event types notifications.  
    1. You choose which Event Types require a notification and then select the type of notification and the contact(s) who should receive it.  
    2. Remember that not all Event Types require a notification.  Think of it as Requirement.  Who should be alerted if there is a certain type of event on campus?
  1. You can also set-up Notifications if certain Organizations are planning an event or certain Locations or Resources are being requested. (Perhaps the President's Assistant has not scheduled the board room but wants to be notified when it is scheduled.)
  1. As a reminder, if you do not have the E-mail Functionality enabled, then each of these Notifications show up as Tasks, so each 25Live user needs to log into the system to see these.  If you have enabled the E-mail functionality, then both a task and an e-mail will be generated.


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