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How to Create a New Event Wizard

Purpose: Learn how to create a new Event Wizard

Audience: 25Live Functional Administrators

The best way to create a new Event Wizard is to copy an existing one.  This is fairly easy but there are a couple additional steps to consider once the new wizard has been created.

  1. Log into the Configuration URL.
  1. Click on the Event Wizard tab and the Custom Configuration section.
  1. Locate the wizard you want to copy and click the Copy Configuration button.
  1. Once in the copied version of the new wizard you need to rename it and then go through all the "Wizard Form" Options. You will see what you want to make visible or hide on the form.  You have the Field (Editor) name which can be edited, and also what fields you want required to advance onward in the wizard or if you want to make optional.  In addition, there is message field that can be used to guide the requestor through the wizard.  
  1. Make your adjustments to your wizard and save changes.
  1. The next step is to assign the wizard to a security group(s).
  1. Click down two sections to Security Group Options and locate the security group(s) you want to work with.  You can work with more than one at a time.
  1. Once you have loaded your security group, you can click into the drop down box under Creation Configuration to see your different wizards and choose the one you want to associate with this security group.  You can do the same for the Editing Configuration if you use a different wizard for editing.


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