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Setting up Basic Pricing--Part II

Creating Rate Schedules for Event Types

Purpose: Rate Schedules is where you build in your pricing formulas

Audience: 25Live Functional Administrators & Event Schedulers

  1. Log into the Admin Utility.
  2. Click on the Pricing Tab and go to the Create Rate Schedule section.
  3. Rate Schedules can be created on Event Types, Locations, Resources and Requirements.  In this example, a Rate Schedule will be created for Event Types.
  1. I want to create a basic charge for any vendor events.  This charge will be a flat $50 per day charge.  I create my Rate Name so I can identify this rate schedule from others I'm going to create.  You can add the relevant Accounting Codes.  You then want to click on the Billable Item section to make sure you have the correct Event Type selected.  Lastly, you want to add your formula which will be $50 multiplied by Occurrence Days
  1. My next example is going to be an Event Type for large internal events.  In this example, I want to charge $20 an hour because I know this event is going to require additional staff for set-up and take down as well as additional security, marketing and utility costs.  I'm considering a large event in this example to be any Festival, Fair, Expo and Show.
  1. In addition to setting up the Rate Schedules, you will most likely also need to set up a Tax Schedule if required to charge a sales tax or other misc. taxes.  To do this, you remain in the Pricing section of the Admin tool and scroll down to Create Tax Schedule.  There, you create your tax name, add the rate and apply to the appropriate Rate Groups.
  1. When an event is created and these Event Types are chosen, you will see the Pricing charges.  For this event, I scheduled 14 hours at $20 per hour for a total of $280.


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