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How to Set-up and Use Express Scheduling

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for setting up and using the Express Scheduling functionality in 25Live.

Audience: Staff working with room reservations.

  1. Express scheduling is designed to work with rooms where there is no "approval" process.  It works great for conference rooms and study rooms where it's first come, first serve and greatly speeds up the scheduling process for these type of spaces.  The first task is to determine which rooms should be set-up with this function.  Which conference rooms and study rooms or practice/rehearsal space meet his criteria?
  2. Log into your 25Live Admin tool and locate the room(s) where you want to apply the Express scheduling.  Edit their Location and scroll down to the Express Scheduling section and click the Enable Express Scheduling button.
  1. Once you enable Express Scheduling, then you need to determine an Event Type. If you are setting this up for a conference room where you are scheduling a lot of meetings, then choose the Meeting event type.  If you are setting this up on a study room or rehearsal space or practice space, then choose the associated event type.  It's not necessary to create a new event type unless you have Event Requirements or Custom Attributes associated with the specific event type you are using for Express Scheduling.  If that is the case, then you may want to create a new event type.  
  2. In addition to choosing an Event Type, you can also set up a time duration restriction.  If you are limiting the event in the space to one hour long intervals, then you can do that here.  You need to enter a time so perhaps start at 4 hours so people are not allowed to block it out all day.
  1. In addition to enabling the Express Scheduling, you also want to edit your location security.  Since there is no request and approval process with these rooms, all security group can have Assign/Unassign rights for Assignment Policy.


  1. Express Scheduling only works when using the 25Live Mobile platform.  The Mobile platform can be used on mobile devices and on your desktop system.  When signing into 25Live, click on Mobile version at the bottom of your Dashboard screen.
  1. Once in Mobile, instead of clicking on Creating an Event which will open the Event Wizard in Mobile, you want to click on the Locations Tab.  Create a location search of your "Express" scheduling locations.  This could be multiple searches such as your conference rooms, study rooms, music practice rooms, etc.  Click on the green Reserve It to open the Express scheduling form.  If the space is not available it will show a that it's Unavailable.
  1. Once you click on the Reserve It box, it will open up your Express Scheduling Event form.  It will inherit the day and time you choose in the date/time picker to determine of the location is available.  The only field that needs to be populated is the Event Name.  Very quick and and easy--Express Scheduling!
Mobile Express Scheduling Form


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