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Test Scores and Milestones Listen & Learn

Purpose: Remediation WebEx Listen & Learn session for Test Scores and Milestones

Audience: All College Staff

Test Scores and Milestones Meeting Information

Test Scores and Milestones Information Session

Topic: Test Scores and Milestones

Meeting Date/Time: February 13, 2017 11:00 - 12:00pm

Meeting Facilitators: Amy MacNeill and Becca Poe

Meeting Information: Test Scores and Milestones WebEx Recording


Gap Analysis (Listen & Learn)

Meeting Date/Time: March 07, 2017 2:00 - 3:00pm

Meeting Facilitator: Melissa Sitzenstock

Meeting Information: Test Scores and Milestones WebEx Recordings

Due to the personal information available within this Listen & Learn remediation session, the recording is being hosted in the Community of Practice Canvas course. This is in keeping with our FERPA commitment. All SSN/Bank Data are redacted. Please contact Jo Munroe for viewing access.

Meeting Objectives

Gap Analysis / Requirements Gathering  The goal of this meeting is to gain a mutual understanding of the identified remediation gap and to document any requirements necessary for the remediation of that gap.  

Key CS Modules Involved

  • Student Records

Meeting Notes and Decisions

  1. Test Scores/Milestones
    1. Tables not named consistently.  
      • College did not identify specific issues but, the college exceeds the 1 allowable local test id with APM and SFCCAPM and are using test id’s when they should be using milestones. A solution design document will be drafted to address.
    2. May need to be rebuilt.
      • Same note as above in a
    3. A consistent spot for placement such as under letter score.
      • The college clearly stated they need placement information clearly displayed for students and advisors. A solution design document will be drafted to explain how to use Academic Advisement Reports to complete this.
    4. Milestones need to be built for testing. For example, under ‘Milestones’ we use ‘APM’ but it only gives us “HSGPA” and “PreCalc Agreement.”  
      • Colleges clearly stated more training and information on when to use milestones are needed. A solution design document will be drafted to address the training needs.
    5. Need “SAT,” “ACT,” and “Smarter Balanced” designations.  They would then show up under the ‘Milestones’ heading in the student’s ‘Student Center’ and everyone would know exactly how the student placed.
      • Same note as with c
    6. Test scores don’t place students into courses
      • Same note as with c

Related Concerns or Issues not in Critical Issues Lists or Remediation Tickets

  • Management of Enrollment Requirement Groups (ERG) and Academic Advisement Reports (AAR). AAR will be another session

Topics and Associated Remediation Tickets

Test Scores/Milestones

Ticket # Requirement ID Requirement Description Assoc. Topic
21092 RA92-Application Processing “Store multiple test scores for placement (e.g., COMPASS) and proficiency tests (e.g., English, Math).” Test Scores
21019 RA95- Application Processing “Support user-defined application processing requirements (e.g., testing for placements; academic advising for new students).” Milestones, Academic Advisement Reports (AAR)


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