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Payroll Calculations Listen & Learn (3/7 & 3/9/17)

Purpose: Remediation WebEx Listen & Learn session for Payroll Calculations

Audience: All College Staff

Payroll Calculations Meeting Information

Gap Analysis (Listen & Learn)

Topic: Payroll Calculations

Meeting Date/Time: , March 07, 2017 1:30 - 2:30pm, March 09, 2017 1:30 - 2:30pm

Meeting Facilitator: Brian Lanier

Meeting Information: Payroll Calculations WebEx Recordings


Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Meeting Objectives

The goal of this meeting is to gain a mutual understanding of the identified remediation gap and to document any requirements necessary for the remediation of that gap.

Key HCM Modules Involved

  • Payroll

Meeting Notes and Decisions

  1. Payroll Calculations
    1. Balloon Payment
      Ticket #12727
      Separate issues from Prepay.  TCC processes on June 10th payroll; currently a manual entry on Add'l Pay.  TCC would like the system to produce calculation.  Taxation by number of payments.
    2. Hourly Rate of Pay & LWO
      Ticket #12727
      CCS needs Actual vs. Standard Hourly Rate Calculation  CCS found vacation taken for an entire pay period produces inflated dollar value for sick leave, etc. on paystub. Example of paycheck with hourly rate difference of $184.46 due to LWO calculation for 96 hours.  All earn codes that reduce pay need to look at hours in the pay period for calculating hourly rate.
    3. Benefit Entitlement
      Ticket #12727
      Need to exclude non-instructional time from determining eligibility.  Need to pull FTE calculation for instructional time only.  Report needs to identify PTH who have reached benefit eligibility 480 hours.  Needs to include max period in years and hours.  Separate reports for Retirement and Medical.
    4. Arrears, Suspended Deductions
      Ticket #12727
      Report needs to include employees who are benefit eligible but did not receive a paycheck.  TCC example 01A payroll; Adjunct Faculty were not paid, but deductions were taken manually from the 01B.
    5. Overtime Calculation
      Ticket #12727
      Tacoma and Spokane cannot automatically go to Overtime; requires approval first per the CBA (applies to Comp Time also).  Needs to be a submitted request.  CCS needs to be requested in advance of working. Researching the system for option to check box, etc. vs. manual work around.

    6. Shift Deferential
      Ticket #12727
      Tacoma calculations are dependent upon hire date, specifically mid pay period.  Would like the system to calculate (hours worked x shift differential rate). This is different than CCS' CBA terms for WFSE.  Action Item:  Tacoma and Spokane to bring CBA language for Shift Diff for next week.

Solution Design (Discussion)

Balloon Payment:
Possible checkbox added to field for text entry CTC_JOB DATA.  Tacoma would have to manually apply checkbox to applicable faculty upon applying Return From Short Work Break Action.

Benefit Entitlement:
Field in FWL for option to exclude non-instructional.  Need to name the field (i.e. Exclude from Calculation).  CCS FTE calculation for Leave Accrual is not the same.  TCC calculations are based on in-class teaching only.

Arrears, Suspended Deductions:
Options:  Query to pull arrears data, or create a CEMLI.



Topics and Associated Remediation Tickets

Ticket # Requirement ID Requirement Description Assoc. Topic
12727 PY21/PY22/PY42 We need a better way of setting up a balloon payment for faculty.  I have talked to Brian Lanier and he said that there is a possibility to set it up in a way that the system calculates the balloon payment instead of us individually entering this information on Create Additional Pay screen.  We also want to be sure that our withholding be taken correctly next year to avoid payroll processing errors.  N/A


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