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FA: Reporting, State Need Grant Listen & Learn

Purpose: Remediation WebEx Listen & Learn session for FA: Reporting, State Need Grant

Audience: All College Staff

FA: Reporting, State Need Grant Meeting Information

Gap Analysis (Listen & Learn)

Topic: FA: Self-Service, FISAP, Budgeting

Meeting Date/Time: March 22, 2017 2:30 - 3:30pm

Meeting Facilitator: Kim Wasierski, Jerry Perez

Meeting Information: FA: Reporting, State Need Grant WebEx Recording

Meeting Attendees:

  • WA171- Ronda Reineke, Tammy Zibell
  • WA172- Ashley Johns, Danielle Lee, Tracy Cox
  • WA220 - Kim Matison, Susan Mooi                                                    

Meeting Objectives

Gap Analysis / Requirements Gathering  The goal of this meeting is to gain a mutual understanding of the identified remediation gap and to document any requirements necessary for the remediation of that gap. For example, if there is a reporting gap, we would identify what information is needed (specific data elements to include) to bridge that gap and how that information needs to be retrieved (reporting frequency, parameters).

Key CS Modules Involved

  • Financial Aid

Meeting Notes and Decisions

Fund Balances

  1. WA171
    1. Questions about 920a and 920b in query viewer.  Is there a specific way to run these queries?  Needs further training.  Is there other options available?  Using the Fund Roster but is running it wide open. FA801 gives every award by student and can be run into excel but the size is way too large.  Some issues with filtering when running the PDF reports to excel.  Possible to have the reporting team create something new.
    2. Over-award report.  Shows results on a student basis.  Agreeing that if fiscals are maintained then there are no issues.
    3. Process automated of adjusting of aid based on enrollment level.  Would like the budgets and awards to automatically adjust.  Running reports but it’s a lot of data to review.  Doesn’t understand the Course Catalog and how it’s identifying classes that are not FA elg.  FA classes that are not FA elg should not have FA progress units attached.   Could be issues due to CCS having their ABE classes under Continuing ED instead of UGRD.  CCS is in the process of having the ABE classes moved to UGRD.  Need to ensure that the classes are being built with no FA progress units.  How will this change affect current processes in FA? Will FA have to change any setup?  CCS needs to have additional information about this.
  2. WA172
    1. Fund balances appear to be running fine.  Same questions as SCC with moving the ABE classes to UGRD and the effects on FA.  Aid adjustments are manual.  Not all pro-ratable aid is automatically adjusted like Pell.  Wants a more automated way to help mass packaging.  Zeroing out budgets for students not attending a term.  21934 and 21671.  Wants a query to find any overrides on FA load on FA term.  Authorizing and disbursing issue. Holding up disbursements on students whose FA load and packaging variables match.  Issue with reconciliation for Pell 27049.  Part B of the report is showing discrepancies with the origination amounts. Loan reconciliation is going ok but there are three tickets 14760 15852 2953.  This could be tied to a new remediation ticket.  We will review and link to the new ticket if necessary.
    2. Gainful Employment- IR department pulling data for the reports. No issues. Remediation ticket 21496 is a manual work around.  Will 399 work properly?  Questions about the checklist items updating automatically.  Wish list is if a corrected ISIR comes through with the 399 code fixed to automatically update the appropriate checklist item.  Similar to how the DRT works.
  3. WA220
    1. Training needs to be provided so they can make sure they are using the reports accurately.  Remediation ticket 20969 Limited SAP set up at go live.  Would like to review to help monitor students with remedial courses.   Transitional study classes having issues with classes built with FA progress units.  FA term not always building consistently with excluding these classes (ABE, etc).  Running the update progress units in a jobset.  
    2. Pell and Loan recon are ok.  25369 is open and currently being worked on. Joint effort with enrollment services and their IR office on Gainful Employment.  Would be open to have any suggestion on better processes.

State Need Grant

Eligibility Calculation Determination

  1. WA171
    1. No issues.  Asked a clarifying question about BAS degrees.  They will be starting BAS plans Fall 2017.  The students will be matriculated as BAS 4 year students so they think they may not have the issue with the archive process determining the students are ineligible due to completing an AA degree.
    2. Students who show ‘in repayment’ on the archive page who are no longer in repayment do not update.  The file from WSAC does not have information in the file to include students who are no longer in repayment so there is nothing to update on the page.
  2. WA172
    1. SNG ticket for business processes 24859. 21686 for HH size seems to be fixed. Asking for query to be available to see if there are any errors.  Unfortunately SBCTC has to run the query and can provide the list to colleges.
    2. Archive process is very manual.  Students who are fed into CEMLI who are in repayment stops SNG but doesn’t stop other aid from disbursing or packaging.  Would like to have something built to stop all aid from disbursing or packaging if are in SNG repayment.  Like the Pell Repayment checklist or Defaults. Stops aid from being packaged.  SI or checklist will work.  Institutional policy to not award federal aid if in repayment from SNG.  BAS programs is very manual for SNG.  If a student already has an AA degree they will get the message that they are no longer eligible.  For BAS students the staff has to do an override on the SNG page due to it reading the archive page.   Causing interim issues also.  Discussion needs to be had with WSAC to see if they can update their information to not report these students on the archive results.  Issues with students being picked up on csv file for students that have withdrawn.  Manual process now.  Is there a way to get the students loaded on the csv file without manual intervention? LEU for college bound and SNG doesn’t directly prorate awards for student that have less than 4 terms elg.  Ashley will send examples via email.  Wants SNG automatically prorate the awards like Pell.
    3. For the formula on both SNG and CBS does it do the correct proration for quarters based on the remaining eligibility and based on the MFI level? Say I had a student with .75 remaining quarters would it prorate for the 50%MFI to $885 and then say the 70% MFI to $442 for SNG and CBS accordingly?
  3. WA220
    1. HH size and # in college was not calculating properly.  Fix was implemented in Feb.  There should no longer be issues in PRD.  SBCTC ran a query it see if all student had been fixed and there were two colleges that had a handful that still needed to be updated.  Query for students who have reached the 125% has been delivered. SNG interim report the job was sometimes not completing to success with a unique restraint issue.  Problem has been fixed.  SNG interim is being edited to include Passport fields. 

Meeting Action Items and Follow Up

  • None

Related Concerns or Issues not in Critical Issues Lists or Remediation Tickets

  • None

Topics and Associated Remediation Tickets

Ticket # Requirement ID Requirement Description Assoc. Topic
[REM] FA87-Inquiry & Reporting
Report on institutional funds management based on user-definable criteria (e.g., type of award, funds).
[REM] FA88-Inquiry & Reporting
Monitor fund balances when they are over- or under-awarded.
[REM] FA16-Budgeting
Define and calculate part/full-time statuses of all types of students based on user-defined business rules (e.g., remedial and development courses impact number of enrollment credits).
[REM] FA85-Inquiry & Reporting
Support required federal financial aid reporting (e.g., gainful employment; reconciliation of disbursements for Pell Grant and Federal Direct Loan).
[REM] FA89-Inquiry & Reporting
Support year-to-year comparison of financial aid and 'need' data.
[REM] FA72-R2T4
Support all regulatory and compliance reporting for recruiting and admissions.
[REM] SS37-Career Services
Track gainful employment in compliance with federal requirements and other user-defined criteria
[REM] SS58-Inquiry & Reporting
Support Gainful Employment reporting.
[REM] SR105-Student
Identify student sources of funding based on user-defined criteria.
[REM] SR80-Student
Track, measure, and report student level outcomes, in compliance with Federal/ State/ individual college requirements (e.g., satisfactory academic progression; pace of progression; progression through basic skills; student achievement momentum points; time to degree; individual course assessment; pre-college; and gainful employment).
[REM] FA2-General
Track awards and disbursements based on user-defined criteria (e.g., required financial aid level enrollment; for both credit and noncredit entries; funding type, such as active duty tuition assistance).
[REM] FA33-Award Packaging
Support WA State Need Grant Program eligibility, packaging, disbursements, and reporting requirements.
State Need Grant


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