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FA: Pell Grants and Direct Loan Processing Listen & Learn

Purpose: Remediation WebEx Listen & Learn session for FA: Loan and Pell Grant Processing

Audience: All College Staff

FA: Pell Grants and Direct Loan Processing Meeting Information

Gap Analysis (Listen & Learn)

Topic: FA: Pell Grants and Direct Loan Processing

Meeting Date/Time: March 22, 2017 2:30 - 3:30pm

Meeting Facilitator: Jodi Sharp

Meeting Information: FA: Loan and Pell Grant Processing WebEx Recording

Meeting Attendees:

  • WA171- Ronda Reineke, Tammy Zibell
  • WA172 -Ubon Smith, Ashley Johns, Danielle Lee
  • WA220 - Kim Matison, Lorena Saucedo                                                

Meeting Objectives

Gap Analysis / Requirements Gathering  The goal of this meeting is to gain a mutual understanding of the identified remediation gap and to document any requirements necessary for the remediation of that gap. For example, if there is a reporting gap, we would identify what information is needed (specific data elements to include) to bridge that gap and how that information needs to be retrieved (reporting frequency, parameters).

Key CS Modules Involved

  • Financial Aid
    • Pell Grants and Direct Loan Processing

Meeting Notes and Directions

Pell Reporting

  1. WA171-30 day warning issue. SR filed with Oracle. Which solution should they use?  They can check the other box that will only report disbursements that are sent to customer accounts and this will reflect the correct disbursement date.  OR if they leave it as is they will continue to receive the 30 day warning.  SBCTC cannot fix the issue. Possible solution is to check the box to report actual disbursements and have Finance do the drawdown soon after the disbursements are accepted.  The turnaround time from reporting to COD to be able to pull funds in is 1 day. FA wants the least amount of time to post disbursements so students do not have time to add/drop classes. Ashley from SFCC suggests a query to be run to capture student enrollment changes. CTC_FA_LOAD_COMP_BETWEEN_DATE.  SCC has the same problem with Pell overpayments......we have to override the 999999.
  2. WA172- 30 day warning issue.  SR filed with Oracle. Students who have FA for full year, cancel the awards, student comes back and try to re-award for spring using retrieve, COD shows it as a disbursement without it being disbursed yet. Have to manually re-award with a spring only plan. Pell reconciliation, when changes to award are made PS doesn’t automatically update the originations so the recon reports show as a discrepancy.  Filed a SR with Oracle. Ticket Pell aggregates loads in as 9999999 for repayments and then does not update when NSLDS info is loaded in the system.
  3. WA220- 30 day warning issue.  SBCTC to reach out to a cc that uses PS to see what their set up and business process around Pell disbursement dates.  Wants more info on Ubon’s issue with canceling/re-awarding and it showing as disbursed to COD without it actually being disbursed.

Loan Reporting

  1. WA171- Issue with loan period end dates not adjusting down when an award is canceled. This doesn’t happen with every loan.  Issues with CIP codes if a student program/plan changes mid-year there are SULA and CIP issues.  Aggregates including the current year loan amounts.  It’s making loans adjust unnecessarily. Need more understanding on changes in SR and how it affects the loans.   Would like more training of SR/FA integration points. And the loan aggregate issue isn't only students that are close to aggregates. It also happens on students that aren't close. But we've fully packaged them in loans for the year.  With multi-year MPNS issues, can instructions please be added to the loan documentation?  If entrance counseling was completed before 13/14 year students do have to complete another one.
  2. WA172- Loan end date is being sent to COD. For example if a loan is canceled after Fall it’s sending the Fall date. No issues with loan dates. Aggregates issue with loans.  Could this be an issue with NSLDS information being loaded?  Grad date issue, when the grad date is removed from SR FA term can be rebuilt and it will not cancel the awards.  Would like more detailed instructions on Exit Packets.  SBCTC working on it now.  Exit query 2, worried if it will have problems when the W issues are fixed.  What are other colleges doing?  Are they having issues? What is their documentation?  Entrance counseling done at another college and no information coming into PS.  COD year change for entrance counselings. They will come in as the new year and will not update for current year students.  CTC_FA_EC_LOAN_CNSL_ISSUES.  The SULA 206 reject load does load in view loan processing but reducing the awards was manual.  A new loan document got sent out this morning with SULA being added in. Proration issues with loans.  Not awarding correctly when using retrieve button on the award page. Students’ ability to accept unsub before sub on self-service.  SR open with Oracle.  In the meantime there was a query developed to catch students that could be in this situation.
  3. WA220- Issues with adjusting other aid and it adjusting loan amounts.  Issues with aggregate amounts canceling loans that are already disbursed.  Budgets, COA, Over-awards.   Cannot monitor term COA.  Causes over-awarding on a term basis. Reconciliation for prior year.  Exit counseling instructions , pg 40, not sure if its working properly.  Year level 1st, 2nd is awarding students incorrectly due to it counting cumulative level credits. Has a grad date term in SR and it will cancel future term aid (loan and Pell).  Query development possible to find student with a grad term and future active aid.  SR is entering the grad term when a graduation application is received.

Meeting Action Items and Follow Up

  • Contact another community college that uses PS to see how they have their Pell reporting set up.  Do they have the box marked Disb Prior to Transmitting? Jodi Sharp contacted NOVA and they do have the box checked.  They do not draw down funds until the awards are disbursed to Student Financials and have been accepted at COD.  They noted there was a one date turnaround between reporting to COD and drawing down the funds.  This is also how University of Puget Sound and Central Washington University process their Pell also.

Related Concerns or Issues not in Critical Issues Lists or Remediation Tickets

  • None

Topics and Associated Remediation Tickets

Ticket # Requirement ID Requirement Description Assoc. Topic
FA64-Loan & Grant Processing
Print Direct Loan promissory notes according to federal standards.
Federal Loans
FA62-Loan & Grant Processing
Generate Perkins notes and disclosures and capture dated comments for entrance and exit interviews for Direct Loan programs.
Federal Loans
FA65-Loan & Grant Processing
Import approved federal loan information and flags.
Federal Loans
FA56-Loan & Grant Processing
Verify eligibility and process Direct Loans.
Federal Loans
FA63-Loan & Grant Processing
Capture and maintain loan details (e.g., interest, repayment period).
Federal Loans
FA57-Loan & Grant Processing
Process Pell Grants based on Federal regulations (e.g., awarded package needs to be the one that is deemed most beneficial).
Federal Pell Grants
FA66-Loan & Grant Processing
Support Common Origination and Disbursement process.
Federal Loans and Pell Grants
FA90-Inquiry & Reporting
Monitor yearly and aggregated loan usage amounts based on a student's year in college.
Federal Loans and Pell Grants
FA67-Loan & Grant Processing
Provide loan notification for disbursements
Federal Loans
FA68-Program Management
Reconcile Pell Grants and Direct Loans with the US DOE, including Pell origination and disbursements.
Federal Loans and Pell Grants


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