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Base Benefits (Including HCA & MetLife 3/28/17)

Purpose: Remediation WebEx Listen & Learn session for Base Benefits (Including HCA & MetLife)

Audience: All College Staff

Base Benefits Meeting Information

Solution Design (Discussion)

Topic:  Balloon Payment

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Meeting Information:  Base Benefits/Balloon Payments

WebEx Recordings:  Due to the personal information available within this Listen & Learn remediation session, the recording is being hosted in the Community of Practice Canvas course. This is in keeping with our FERPA commitment. All SSN/Bank Data are redacted. Please contact Jo Munroe for viewing access.

Meeting Objectives

Meeting Notes and Decisions

Brian:  Spokane doesn't do Balloon Payment and Tacoma does, but this is the first solution document we can present. This is about balloon payments for Faculty.  Internal walkthrough was completed last week.  First part of the process is to set a Balloon Payment Calendar.  This is within the Set UP HCM menu and then CTC Custom.  This  is individual to the college.  Example calendar is for Tacoma is in the development environment.

LynnM: Does the Balloon Payment ID need to be numerical and two digits?

Brian:  It can be changed, currently yes to two digits, not neccesarily numerical, but that is flexible, and is college specific not driven or dictated by the project. (Recap was provided for Tacoma at this time as they were having connection issues).   Schedule says what payroll you want this process to apply to.  Salary multiplier is how many times the payment you want to go.

Lynn M:  If anyone wanted to balloon payments twice, would they need two calendar IDs?

Brian:  Yes, if you wanted to balloon twice you would need another calendar. (Application of the calendar to the CTC Job Data was shown). Balloon Payment ID is the box available in CTC Job Data.

Mel:  Doesn't like this option on the Job Data screen.

AP:  Thinks Job Data is perfect location for them.

Brian: We will look into other options, but for today the example is in Job Data. So, build calendar, apply to the employee, save the line in Job Data with a new row with an Action/Action Reason.  If it was done as part of initial hire line, then no additional line is needed.  Correct History should NOT be used to add this calendar.  New action reason was created "CTC JOB DATA" under the Data Change Action.  Normal payroll calculations procedure next. Once you build paysheets and calculate payroll, under CTC Custom there is a new process called "Load Balloon Payment".  Run this process (first time you must add the Run Control), put in Company, Pay Period End Date, and Balloon Payment ID.  Pay Period End date is the payment you want the payment on.  You cannot put any other date than the calendar associated with the calendar ID.  CTC_BPAY_AE is the process that runs. Logs will tell you how much the balloon payment will be.  After reviewing the log, then go to Review Paycheck.

Mark: What does the Paysheet look like?

Brian:  There are two paysheets.  You can see the example under Pay Line detail. It is a separate check. There is a check for the regular payment, and then a check for the balloon payment.

Lisa:  Would this make two direct deposits? Would this tax correctly?

Brian:  Yes, this would be taxed correctly as it separates it into individual payments.

Lisa: Concerned about liabilities, etc.

Brian:  Needs to check on how the deposits would work. But today we want to know if this solution is appropriate for the schools.

Lisa:  Won't approve unless the whole process is outlined.

Brian:  This happens with the regular payroll cycle, but does not know if this is two direct deposits or one. It will process to GL like everything else.

Lisa:  Included with the other payments?

Brian: Yes.

AP: Having this come through as two different deposits will confuse faculty.

Brian:  Let's say it produces two checks but results in one direct deposit.

Lisa:  That would be acceptable, still concerned with people who were overtaxed.

Brian:  Overtaxing was a problem, which is why we came up with the balloon payment customization at all, right now separate checks make sure the deductions are correct.

Lisa:  There must be a way to take two net paylines and put them together.

Brian:  That's the direct deposit issue.

Mark:  Tacoma would be fine that solution, but wants to know more about the deductions.

Don:  If we put total amounts on one check then it does the bad thing it did last year, you wouldn't want regular deductions to come from these balloon payments, you want garnish, retirement etc. Deductions will have to be specified on what comes out from the special checks. The intent is to tax them as five separate checks (annualized payments).  You can't do this on one unbroken paysheet.

Brian:  Testing is still in progress so how this works, and will be available in PQA eventually, but right now it's still in development/configuration.  

Lisa:  Will a notice go out it's in PQA?

Brian:  We're working on a timeline still, notification will happen when it's ready, paycheck will show similar information to paysheet (offered to show paycheck) Balloon payment is on the check.  You can see the full amount and the two different Earnings tab.  This was the one check example, but this was the one where the deductions wouldn't come out right.

Lisa:  If you have two different paychecks, can the regular pay always be the first one seen?

Brian:  Regular paycheck will always display first, would also like to know if Spokane is hesitant to allow us to proceed with development and testing.

Lisa:  Wants to talk with her staff first.

Brian:  We will have it out on Staffnet and will await the response.

Tara:  Wants it to be included in the Thursday invite.

Brian:  Tacoma responses?

AP:  Process looks simple and doable.  Is concerned about there being two different checks.

Brian:  That is all for Balloon payment, would like to show the PTF benefits eligibility Thursday because it will take longer than 20 minutes, would like to talk Shift Differential next.  Both colleges look differently at shift differential, so he reached out to the union.  No one responded.

Lynn M: She will help get a response.

Brian:  Is there anything else about shift differential that they want to know from the union, he understands the Spokane point about shift differential but still will talk to the union.

Mel: Who are you reaching out to at the union? They talk to OFM not the union.

Brian: Amy (can't recall last name), is the contact at the union, but would be willing to talk to.

Mel:  Will have Grace send her OFM contact.

Jenny:  Concerned about temporary employees and SDF, not so much the permanent ones, also concerned with "Security Mobile Patrol" who have a special circumstance with lunchtime (as they stay in their vehicle for lunch and get SDF).

Brian:  Are they permanent?

Jenny:  Yes, per CLA.

Brian:  So that means they will not exceed the monthly amount.

Mel:  Other colleges could have different circumstances.

Brian:  We will have to address other contracts as they come into the system, but we're concerned with the WFSE for now, biggest problem current for us is the proration.

Spokane & Tacoma:  Yes, that's the biggest problem.

Brian:  Tacoma does actual, Spokane looks at it as "the majority of the work period".  We are working on hourly rate of pay solution design this week, and will be able to present it soon.  Any other issues?

Spokane & Tacoma:  No additional issues today.


Solution Design (Discussion)


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