Online Class Schedule Listen & Learn

Purpose: Remediation WebEx Listen & Learn session for Online Class Schedule

Audience: All College Staff

Online Class Schedule Meeting Information

Gap Analysis (Listen & Learn)

Topic: Online Class Schedule

Meeting Date/Time: March 30, 2017 2:00 - 3:00pm

Meeting Facilitator: Melissa Sitzenstock

Meeting Information: Online Class Schedule WebEx Recording

Meeting Attendees:

  • WA171: Roxanne Beloit and Barbara Rissman
  • WA172: Kari Collen and Victoria Mocxey
  • WA220: Karen Erickson

Meeting Objective

Gap Analysis / Requirements Gathering  The goal of this meeting is to gain a mutual understanding of the identified remediation gap and to document any requirements necessary for the remediation of that gap.  

Key CS Modules Involved

  • Curriculum Management
  • Self-Service

Meeting Notes and Decisions

Class Search Issues

  • WA171: Students are having a difficult time finding evening classes, don’t understand how to search, manually entered topics can’t be searched, agree with desire to not automatically check “Show Open Classes Only”
  • WA172: Students don’t know to click advanced search  would like criteria to show automatically, “writing” and other keyword searches give too many or undesirable results, students don’t know to click class number to see more details, staff don’t want to see additional/previous terms, search criteria are not in student friendly terms
  • WA220: Suggested idea of hyperlinking/hover help info, would like “Show Open Classes Only” to not be checked automatically, want ability to return all related subject areas from one selection

Meeting Action Items and Follow Up

Online Class Search

  1. Configuration of page is global and needs to be changed based on college feedback
    1. TCC is entering ERP support ticket to request Advance search to be open by default so user can see all options automatically
    2. TCC will also request “Show Open Classes Only” as checked to be changed
      1. ERP support will do some testing and will propose changes to the configuration, will recommend moving keyword search up the page.
      2. There will be a follow-up session with proposal
  2. An online class schedule is not functional within ctcLink requiring CCS to develop and deliver a local version that does not integrate within the normal registration process.
    1. College did not demonstrate that the class search is not functional. The issue of a locally developed class search is not covered in project requirements and will not be addressed by remediation.
  3. Advanced search option does not allow student to filter out “Writing intensive” or “Diversity” classes.
    1. College demonstrated that the search does allow students to filter on “Writing” or “Diversity” but also returns courses with the words “Writing or Diversity” anywhere in the class title, course description, or course topic.
    2. College claimed but did not demonstrate that course topic entered on Meeting Pattern page is not included in keyword search.
      1. During college demonstration, SFCC was not able to select class search by “My Requirements”. An ERP support ticket has been entered to address the issue
      2. Project will advise college on options in solution design document to handle “Writing” and “Diversity” search
  4. It needs to be more student-centered.
    1. Colleges claimed that search criteria are not in student friendly terms
      1. CS will discuss options with Leadership and will be included in solution design document

Related Concerns or Issues not in Critical Issues Lists or Remediation Tickets

  • None

Topics and Associated Remediation Tickets

Online Class Search

Ticket # Requirement ID Requirement Description Assoc. Topic
20813 SR148-Self-Service View the master class schedule online. closed


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