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FA: R2T4, State Aid Repayment & SAP Listen & Learn

Purpose: Remediation WebEx Listen & Learn session for FA: R2T4, State Aid Repayment & SAP

Audience: All College Staff

FA: T2T4 & SAP Meeting Information

Gap Analysis (Listen & Learn)

Topic: FA: R2T4, State Aid Repayment & SAP

Meeting Date/Time: March 28, 2017 1:30 - 3:00pm

Meeting Facilitator: Kim Wasierski, Jerry Perez

Meeting Information: FA: R2T4 & SAP WebEx Recording

Meeting Attendees:

  • WA171-Ronda Reineke, Tammy Zibell
  • WA172-Tracy Cox, Ashley Johns, Rena Tinnell
  • WA220-Kim Matison, Susan Mooi, Lorena Saucedo                                                

Meeting Objectives

Gap Analysis / Requirements Gathering  The goal of this meeting is to gain a mutual understanding of the identified remediation gap and to document any requirements necessary for the remediation of that gap. For example, if there is a reporting gap, we would identify what information is needed (specific data elements to include) to bridge that gap and how that information needs to be retrieved (reporting frequency, parameters). 

Key CS Modules Involved

  • Financial Aid

Meeting Notes and Decisions

R2T4, State Repayment

  1. WA171-
    1. 21510 They able to track their students so they have no issues.  Business process is to run the query for census day.  6-10 day query.  Query for R2T4’s. All queries seem to be working fine and are able to find students.  Some issues of students who are disbursed Friday morning, drop over the weekend, may not catch before refund process for partial withdraws.  Census query starts from the first day of the term and auth/disb is run prior to the first day of the term.  Need to look into the query or see if there is another process.  CTC_FA_LOAD_COMP_BETWEEN_DATE
    2. Process on how they run auth/disb is different than SFCC and may not have the same issues.
    3. 21358 They are ok with this process.  They do not use the PS worksheet.  The worksheet is using the incorrect boxes.   Box Q for student repayment but should be from box U.
  2. WA172-
    1. 21510 Census issue.  Query looks for disbursed students on Friday. Query is run before refunds on Monday.  Can find anyone through a date range who dropped classes.  What is the 6-10 day query?  Is there documentation?  Census is manual process.  Award adjustments are usually done after census lock.  SR backdating could cause issues.  Summer awarding issues brought forward for earlier session.
    2. 21358 Uses the delivered process, assigns F03 run daily, may set up in a jobset.  Uses online worksheet.  Added new impact on F03 to stop disbursements.  CEMLI for state repayment works great.  Assigns the F05 for repayments.  Manual process.  Students don’t see that they have a repayment online so it causes confusion and could miss collecting funds.  Med withdrawals are ok.  They don’t backdate.  Work with SR really closely.  Inquiring what query TCC uses to catch partial withdrawals.  Otherwise are able to capture their withdrawals. Tracy will provide ticket numbers around PS worksheet not calculating correctly. 3395. Thinks they calculate based on payment period not period of enrollment.
  3. WA220-
    1. 21510 Students who withdraw and have a refund pending the SI query doesn’t seem to catch them CTC_SF_FA_ZERO_ENROLLMENT   CTC_SF_FA_F03_DROP_ADD_SI.  Student Records processes withdrawal, medical or admin, they back date the withdrawal date.  The date cannot be used for R2T4.  Needs to use the actual date of the withdrawal. Uses query to find the actual date.  QCS_SR_ENRL_REQ_DTL.
    2. When processing R2T4 have to reduce loan amount certified F W SP.  Withdrew W. cancel spring.  Resolve issues.  Come back for spring.  How to they identify how much to award for the spring loan?  Cannot have the loan funds that were returned to be disbursed again.  Adding this to the loan topics.  Also uses the census queries and are working.  PS worksheet, compares to online worksheet and it matches.  Why are other colleges having issues? Tuition not matching has to input all charges manually.  If student are non res there are two lines visible.  One is tuition, one is the waiver.  Have to manually input in box L the charges.  What charges are supposed to be put in this box?  Have to override values in the box and calculate it.
    3. 21358 Using the query for official and unofficial withdrawals.  Uses both the PS R2T4 and online worksheet.  Tuition amounts for the PS worksheet is manual.  Uses the WSAC repayment calc.  Not using the state repayment in PS.


  1. WA171
    1. 21451, 21338 SAP for withdrawals. Can’t calculate them right after the student has withdrawn. Manual work around to assign the F01 SI with SUSP reason code and blocks students from receiving funds. Send communication for SUSP from system not from personal email. Weekly download list of students to clean up if necessary.  Manually entering SAP status in override after withdrawal then students SAP status may not assign correctly at the end of the term.  Seems to happen on both students who drop or withdraw.  Sharon will send examples.  Student was on suspension, couldn’t petition, overrode status to exhausted, ran sap and calculated student to suspension.  System is not calculating the 6 term college level gpa. Not calculating W, Z, I.  Currently student enrolled in Winter drops before 10th day cannot calculate SAP. Cannot change their business process due to state policy.  Cannot post the grades until after 10 day of the term.  Repeated courses are also not calculating correctly.
  2. WA172
    1. Ran SAP successfully yesterday.  PLAN codes have to be manually entered again after SAP is processed.  This is an override so it has to be done manual.  SBCTC will create more detailed documentation on SAP.  Also will provide additional training.  The solution for 125% doesn’t work.  Query is pulling hundreds of students and is not manageable and wants more details around what the query is pulling. 3922 has detailed information on the query.  Will there be a way to calculate SAP for concurrent students? W, Z, I’s not calculating as attempted credits.
  3. WA220
    1. Runs the process in PS. It looks ok.  Calculates transitional studies like ABE etc.  More training on SAP especially for Summer and 125% etc.  Last Spring 2016, issues with calculating SAP due to students have to have an active FA term for Summer or Fall.  Issues with set up of evaluation terms calculating back to back SAP statuses. Wants to make sure this is all correct.  Would like to see a different approach to what was delivered to handle this issue last year.  
    2. Way that they can find students who have the F02 and have not appealed their suspension.  If students take a break SAP will calculate on last term attended.  Need to make sure the status does not change when SAP runs again.  Need to review your SAP set up.  2 yr gpa not calculating W grades from conversion.  Repeated coursework issue with how it’s coded in SR and how it affects SAP.  


Meeting Action Items and Follow Up

  • None

Related Concerns or Issues not in Critical Issues Lists or Remediation Tickets

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Topics and Associated Remediation Tickets

Ticket # Requirement ID Requirement Description Assoc. Topic Notes
Track all student drops to meet federal aid (e.g., Stafford and Perkins Loans) management requirements.
R2T4 & State Repayment 1. Did this process exist in Legacy?  If so, what was the procedure?
2. What is the volume of students involved in the process?
3. Updated processes and queries are being made available for dealing with drops and withdrawals.
4. R2T4 questions are training issues.
Calculate the return of funds according to federal, state, city and institutional guidelines.
R2T4 & State Repayment 1. Did this process exist in Legacy?  If so, what was the procedure?
2. What is the volume of students involved in the process?
Enforce and validate student record enrollment data integrity (e.g., drop of student enrollment for term due to medical reasons) with respect to R2T4 requirements.
R2T4 & State Repayment 1. Did this process exist in Legacy?  If so, what was the procedure?
2. What is the volume of students involved in the process?
FA75-Award Disbursement
Maintain academic standing for financial aid eligibility, based on multiple, user-defined criteria (e.g., 150% rule, 125%, AA degree, warning, academic probation, pace of progression).
Satisfactory Academic Progress REMEDIATION STATUS: Training Materials In progress
FA76-Award Disbursement
Track satisfactory academic progress (SAP) in compliance with Federal and State requirements.
Satisfactory Academic Progress REMEDIATION STATUS: Training Materials In progress


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