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Hourly Rate of Pay Calculations Solution Design (4/6/17)

Topic: Hourly Rate of Pay

Meeting Date/Time: April 6, 2017  1:30-2:30PM

Meeting Facilitator:  Brain Lanier

WebEx Recording:  Due to the personal information available within this Listen & Learn remediation session, the recording is being hosted in the Community of Practice Canvas course. This is in keeping with our FERPA commitment. All SSN/Bank Data are redacted. Please contact Jo Munroe for viewing access.

Key HCM Module Involved

  • Payroll for North America
  • Workforce Administration

Meeting Topics

Remediation Ticket Information

Ticket # Requirement ID Requirement Description Assoc. Topic

Solution Design

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Hourly Rate of Pay Brian Lanier

April 6, 2017

Solution Design Meeting Notes

Solution Design Topic: Hourly Rate of Pay Calculations (OVT, VAC, LWO, etc.) (YES Spokane, MAYBE Tacoma), Comment Box in T&L schedules (NO)

Brian: Welcome back after a two session break, today since it’s a short week we’re looking at solutions today.  Today is hourly rate of pay.  Any earn codes that reduce payroll should show hourly rate of pay for that pay period.  Is that correct?

Janet: Yes.

Gwendy: Yes with the exception of OVT.

Brian: Yes, this is just what reduces payroll, like LWO, VAC, CSL, etc., would like to demonstrate.  Warning to Mark Linder, they often use him as the example.

This is like the other processes that are run during payroll.  Called the Hourly Rate of Pay process.

Melody: Doesn’t like the name.  Finds it misleading.

Brian: Name can be changed.

Lynn: Pay Period Hourly Rate?

Brian: Pay Period covered in QA4 is 03B.  96 hours in that pay period.  Hourly rate needs to change if they have something that reduces payroll.  Standing hourly rate in test is 21.467.

Janet: That hourly rate is overstated.  Mark is wrong, but Janet says hers is right.

Brian:  We can look into that.

Janet: Mark and I get paid the same but you can see that the pay rates are different hourly.

Brian: Yes we see that, but that happens in Job Data.  More research is needed for that specifically.  Frequency etc. could be off.

Melody: W522 is used for corrections, could that be involved.

Brian: So let’s say Janet took VAC, and CSL, and LWO for this example pay period.  Time and Labor loads to the paysheet like this, we are doing manually what T&L would do to the paysheet.  Saving.  Now we run the process.  Need to put in Company and Pay Period.  Hit Save.  Hit Run.  Doing this before payroll is calculated.  Can do it any time after T&L is loaded, and can do it as many times as you want. Wait until Success/Posted, then go look at the pay sheet.  See how REG pay is untouched, but the LWO/CSL/VAC is all adjusted down.  All this is determined by the earnings table.

Mark: so this is looking at a calendar?

Brian: This is looking at all the earnings codes and is run by the payroll calendar which are already in the system.  If you add a new earn code you would need to be careful then.

Mark: What about summer schedules?

Brian: This looking at standard hours per pay group.  If you switch standard hours that would take more thought.

Melody: Not everyone work 5 8s, some people already work 4 10s.

Don: This is about hours per week adjusted by FTE, it doesn’t care about the breakdown per day.

Brian: It’s looking at weekly hourly basis.  

Melody: 100% is a 40 hour per week?  It considers FTE?

Brian: Standard hours per week on their job.  Yes FTE is being considered.

Spokane: What about calculation for faculty?

Brian: It’s still about standard hours so it also works for Faculty.  That’s set up by workgroup and the system knows it’s 35 hours a week.

Melody: Spokane is in agreement.

Mark: Tacoma likes the idea, but still wants to know that the summer schedule will work.

Brian: Would like to show another quick remediation item that got through which was a comment box for work schedule.  He thought it came from Spokane… is that something that people want?

Melody: Why did they want a comment box?  Who sent this in?  What did the ticket say?

Brian: It just asked for a comment box.  That’s all.

Melody: Assuming a manager requested this, it might be because they are wanting to be in compliance with CBA timing issues.  As soon as we create the comment box then now there are discoverable items on public records.

Brian: That is correct.  Do you want it?

Melody:  At this time I would say no because disclosure could get people in trouble.

Brian:  Not sure who sent in the ticket, but we can look into who sent it.

Melody: Too much risk management.

Mark: Tacoma doesn’t want the box either.

Brian: Balloon payment is in testing right now.  In process currently and looking like it will be out by May. Benefit Eligibility is also in testing and hopefully will be ready by May.  

Melody: Is the intention to get everything in by first week of May?

Brian: That’s the goal.  Balloon payment, Job End Date, and Benefit Eligibility are all probably realistic to get out.  Early testing looks like they are working.

Melody: Job End date project… what does this really mean?

Brian: Walkthrough is us showing off the solution, and this is about the summer breaks.  It updates a group of employees job data with an action and reason.

Melody: What do you mean by Labor Administration?

Brian: Expectation is that you would tell us.

Melody: Labor Administration and Contract Administration issue is that they aren’t there!

Lisa: Like the T&L functionality we aren’t using (Time and Effort?), otherwise we don’t have a lot to contribute.  We know something is out there but we haven’t seen it work.  Would like a Demo of what’s available instead to know what they could use.

Mark: Also confused at guessing what the system might do (make a wishlist)

Brian: We’ll look into what a demo would be in this context.  We thought there was specific goals in mind, but if there isn’t then we’ll see what we can show you.

Spokane:  Everyone is thinking of something different.

Brian: Yes, we will see what a demo will be for the future.  There will be remediation meetings into May.

Lisa: We’re all very busy and people need meeting notices as soon as humanly possible.

Tacoma and Spokane: We love you Brian!

Brian: Job End will be Tuesday and we’ll meet again then.

Solution Design Web Ex Recording


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