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Payroll Calculations - Hourly Rate of Pay Solution Design (4/11/17)

Topic:  Payroll Calculations - Hourly Rate of Pay

Meeting Date/Time: April 11, 2017

Meeting Facilitator:  Brian Lanier

WebEx Recording:  Due to the personal information available within this Listen & Learn remediation session, the recording is being hosted in the Community of Practice Canvas course. This is in keeping with our FERPA commitment. All SSN/Bank Data are redacted. Please contact Jo Munroe for viewing access.

Key HCM Module Involved

  • Payroll for North America

Meeting Topics

Payroll Calculations - Hourly Rate of Pay

Remediation Ticket Information

Ticket # Requirement ID Requirement Description Assoc. Topic
26897 BA25 (T) Hourly Rate of Pay Calculations (OVT, VAC, LWO, etc.) N/A

Solution Design

Solution Design Meeting Notes

Solution Design:  Job End Date/Payroll Status Solution Design Walk-Thru

-Brian -  sign off gotten for “Per Pay Period Hourly rate of Pay” (Lynn’s suggested name)

-Janet  Tacoma likes new name

-(sound issues)

-Brian  Tacoma brought up the 10 hour issues, we can make it look at the employee schedule, but we need to confirm everyone sees it the same way

-Lisa  it doesn’t appear like anyone else in Spokane is on yet (technical issues?), she would like to check with them first

-Brian- technical issues all around,

-Melody-doesn’t want managers to be able to go in and correct history inside manager self service items

-Brian-we’ll look into that, but still wants to confirm the understanding of calculations

-Spokane- would prefer the standardized value not the schedule specific hours

-LeeAnn- leave issues from the past are still an issue

-Spokane- I agree that we all need to make sure we’re thinking of things in the same way

-Brian-Yes, I would like everyone to be on the same page

-Spokane-Legacy didn’t have that capability

-Janet-Legally we need to do it by schedule, some odd schedules exist

-LeeAnn-Wants schedules

-Brian-Spokane gives it to the managers to keep people on the schedules.

-Mark- Wants it based on schedules

-Brian- We’ll look at schedules then to determine the actual hourly rate, next item is the process that Jameeka developed to help with the setting the work break action on job data

-Ivy-are you sharing anything

-Brian-not yet, he will be shortly, right now it’s called “Create New Effective Date Row”, name can be changed, clicking on the process asks for a run control, the effective date that goes on Job Data you indicate, all the Job Data actions are available, select one, Short Work Break is the best one, reason is optional

-AP-what about employee records?

-Brian- This is by pay group

-AP-So anyone in that group


-Melody-What about setting it as a pay group with a certain earn code?  They use moonlight contracts with p17 instead of f17, so pay group isn’t ideal for this, but they would be ok with this so far

-Brian-we did look at doing it on a more individualized basis

-Melody-they don’t want individual

-AP-what about the record number?

-Brian-pay group was done for ease of use

-AP-wants primary job indicator to be considered

-Melody-yes, primary job might be helpful

-Brian-we might need to look through how job data is done to really get the process refined enough

-AP-this is pretty nice, but it just isn’t all the way there

-Brian-we’ll go back to the drawing board and ask Don if the primary job indicator is possible to include as well, process runs well with SWB and Return from Short Work Break.

-Lynn-what if you term this Faculty?

-Brian-this only looks at active jobs

-Melody-would prefer department

-Brian-will look at primary indicator and department and see if that works with the technical specs

-Leeann-what about schedule and audits and corrections, would still prefer to talk it out since trying to figure things out is very difficult on schedule

-Lisa-how much is a lot of corrections

-Spokane-some people have corrections that need to be thought back months and months

-Lisa-we need to approach solutions as if the system was stable

-Leeann-I don’t see any benefit to schedule as opposed to a standard value

-Mark-We need to move forward as we want the system to be

-Spokane-OFM says actuals so we need to provide actuals, which should be schedules

-Brian-OFM does dictate that these earn types come from actual hourly rate, that is not specified off all earn codes

-Martha-what about employees that have an OVT rate but a totally different rate the next week for LWO, they want uniform looking pay stubs

-Brian-they do not see hourly rate on REG

-Spokane-still prefers schedule

-Brian-Lynn added a remediation item for HCA Average Cost to be set regardless if an employee is getting paid or not, so long as they are SB1, this can help on multiple levels, do Spokane and Tacoma want this as a remediation item, we did see the problem last year for faculty during the summer, would like to create a process so that if you are medical benefit eligible then the HCA Average Cost is always taken

-Mark and Spokane-what about the nontaxable amounts

-Brian-this process would create a pay stub, showing for payroll, but not sure if it shows for the employees

-Spokane and Tacoma-yes they want that

-Brian-we will work on that

-Mark-would send the HCA average cost for SB1 regardless of pay status?

-Brian-you need to be active and SB1, and HCA needs payment on the A payroll, so people need to be in the absolutely correct benefit program

-Mark-as long as you’re active

-Brian-yes, as long as they are active.  Those are the items of the day.  So we have a go on hourly rate of pay, but it needs to look at actuals.  Yes to the job data insert,

-Melody-wants a new name for the job data item, wants Action in the name, like Job Effective Action

-AP-likes Action in the name

-Brian-the name can be changed, but they want to examine the Indicator and Department as prompts, and then HCA Average Cost is the last item and that sounds like a go

-Spokane-wants a job schedule table query

-Brian-we need to move labor administration to a later date because it needs testing prior to a demo, so the schedule will probably adjust soon

-Spokane-what about performance management

-Brian-will ask about that

Solution Design Web Ex Recording


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