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Faculty Workload (FWL) Process (4/20/17)

Topic:  Faculty Workload (FWL) Process

Meeting Date/Time:  April 20, 2017

Meeting Facilitator: Brian Lanier

Meeting Information:  Solution Design Walk-Thru Review

WebEx Recording:  Due to the personal information available within this Listen & Learn remediation session, the recording is being hosted in the Community of Practice Canvas course. This is in keeping with our FERPA commitment. All SSN/Bank Data are redacted. Please contact Jo Munroe for viewing access.

Key HCM Module Involved

  • Payroll for North America
  • Workforce Administration
  • Faculty Workload (FWL)

Meeting Topics

  • (S/T) Simplify Process
  • (T) Quick Process for non-instructional appointments
  • (T) Mass printing appointments/contracts

Remediation Ticket Information

Meeting Notes

Current FWL Process (New, Cancelled, etc.)


  • Problems are that the special assignments are too cumbersome when calculating additional contracts.
  • Changes being made to weekly contact hours and it causes issues with the amount of contact hours per term.
  • Admins submit quarterly spreadsheet of all classes with courses offered and instructors.
  • Admins are responsible for listing the appropriate empl record for instructors when assigning them to course.
  • Admins will cancel classes then send notification to AP.  AP will then go in and make adjustments and cancel contracts.
  • Adjustments are done at noon the day before payroll cutoff.
  • AP does Non-Instructional contracts and assignments (not done by Admins).
  • AP approves all contracts/appointments; Deans are not required to sign appointments.
  • AP notifies faculty when contract/appointment letter is ready.  Signature from instructor is not required in order for the instructor to get paid.


  • Campus Admins do all the processing (calculations, generating contracts, etc.) in FWL
  • Approval flow=HR > Dean > Instructor
  • Ok to Pay; payline extract
  • Non-Instructional
  • Master Contracts

Topic:  Suggestions for Simplifying the Process


  • Hoping that there is a solution for staff being paid out of different combo codes; currently we are changing it on the payline during payroll.
  • When a calculation is running, our hope is that the system can freeze those changes.
  • Meeting locations.
  • After an Admin enters data in the class we'd like to see a system generated report/spreadsheet for auditing


  • Will wait for Tuesday's meeting when Melody can be here.
  • Would like a FWL Comment Box
  • Need Best Practice

WebEx Recording


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