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FA: Satisfactory Academic Progress Solution Design Session

Purpose: WebEx Solution Session for Satisfactory Academic Progress Knowledge Transfer for Financial Aid

Audience: All College Staff

Satisfactory Academic Progress Meeting Information

Solution Identification (Design)

Topic: Satisfactory Academic Progress

Meeting Date/Time: May 3, 2017 2:00pm  4:00pm

Meeting Facilitator: Kim Wasierski

Meeting Information: WebEx Recording for Satisfactory Academic Progress

Meeting Objective

Remediation Solution Decision Making  The goal of this meeting is to present the training initiative approach for the Satisfactory Academic Progress process in PeopleSoft:

  • Configuration walk-thru and updates (as needed)
  • Query development
  • Business process change(s)
  • Creation of a business process guide
  • Training plan:
    • Configuration
    • SAP Tests
    • Student Overrides
    • Summer versus fall SAP processing
    • End-user testing of any changes applied to configuration and new processes introduced

Key CS Modules Involved

  • Financial Aid
  • Student Records

Remediation Solution Design Document

Meeting Notes

  1. Jerry asked Susan to clarify the criteria for the SAP repeat query.
  2. Susan currently doesn’t know what she needs to identify students with repeat courses to properly develop the query. She wants to review what Jerry has already created first then provide feedback. Ticket 15558 provides an example of a student who she believes was incorrectly calculated.
  3. Rena - FA will only pay for a class twice regardless if FA paid for the class(es) or not. She wasn’t sure if the query she is currently running was what we were looking for. Jerry clarified that the query she’s currently using is mainly to prevent disbursements.
  4. Susan - SAP works well for continuously enrolled students. When a student has a break in enrollment and returns, the current SAP calculation doesn’t appear to be accurate. (Rachelle asked Susan to send us a few sample EmplIDs). Transcript from legacy not included in PS so not calculated in PS SAP. Cielito mentioned that there is a process that allows them to convert legacy enrollment transactions into PS on an individual student basis and will work with her on that. Running Start and Fresh Start students: Is there a way to identify on the student transcript when the student was taking classes as a Running Start/Fresh Start student? Cielito mentioned that Running Start and Fresh Start students are classified in Student Groups. There isn’t a way to indicate on the transcript what Student Group the student was in while take courses.
  5. Zoya - Concerned about the original statement listed under Business Issue section. As a group, we edited the Business Issue section. Clarified that the issue with ‘W’ graded courses is not just on converted classes.


Spokane Community College (Zoya Zhuk) approved the Solution Design Document, including the training delivery method and training dates of 5/22 – 5/24/17 at SBCTC.

Spokane Falls CC (Rena Tinnell) approved the Solution Design Document, including the training delivery method and training dates of 5/22 – 5/24/17 at SBCTC.

Tacoma Community College (Susan Mooi) approved the Solution Design Document, including the training delivery method and training dates of 5/22 – 5/24/17 at SBCTC.

Meeting Action Items

  1. Rachelle emailed Susan Mooi the details for the Repeat Courses query which identifies students who have repeated courses multiple times.
  2. Kim will make the updated Solution Design Document and WebEx recording available to attendees.
  3. Kim will start working on the training invitation and course outline so it can be sent to colleges soon.

Parking Lot Items

  • None

Topics and Associated Remediation Tickets

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Ticket # Requirement ID Requirement Description Assoc. Topic
21451 FA75-Award Disbursement Maintain academic standing for financial aid eligibility, based on multiple, user-defined criteria (e.g., 150% rule, 125%, AA degree, warning, academic probation, pace of progress). Satisfactory Academic Progress
21338 FA76-Award Disbursement Track satisfactory academic progress (SAP) in compliance with Federal and State requirements. Satisfactory Academic Progress


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