Topic:  FWL & AWE

Meeting Date/Time:  May

Meeting Facilitator(s): Samah El Sayed

WebEx Recording:  Due to the personal information available within this Listen & Learn remediation session, the recording is being hosted in the Community of Practice Canvas course. This is in keeping with our FERPA commitment. All SSN/Bank Data are redacted. Please contact Jo Munroe for viewing access.


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Remediation Ticket Information

Meeting Notes

Sam: We will talk more about FWL today, particularly about changes to the Special Assignment description, and then the AWE setup listen and learn.  Any other issues about FWL are also open to discussion.

Melody: Talked to execs and want changes incrementally and not one big FWL change pushout.

Sam: Can we prioritize the items in the next webex?  Tacoma, any additional information for FWL?

AP: Wasn’t here last week, but the process largely works.  Can we change the language on the actual contract to say appointment, since they don’t issue contracts they issues appointment letters.

Sam: The language itself can be altered inside of the contract, but the word “contract” is delivered.

AP: Can we change the title at the top?

Sam: It is delivered and whatever is used at the top will be the same for everyone.  May have to just inform people that it’s called a “Contract Type” but it’s whatever you feel the need to classify it verbally or internally.

AP: We always used appointment letters.

Sam: We did not name it in peoplesoft, that came delivered.

AP: We don’t want people to get confused.

Sam: Does Spokane have any issues with the word contract?

Spokane: We need that word there.  It follows our labor agreement.

Sam: Will discuss options with Ciber to see if there is any avenue for Tacoma.

AP: They went away from the use of the word contract and want to know what options there are.

Sam: Is that everything that we need to know about FWL.

Spokane: Still having issues with reclac all.  There was an issue with one department contract and it ended up rescinding all the contracts when one failed in the recalc all function.

Sam:  Would like the emplid for research.

Spokane: Will get the information and email it.

Sam: When would you like to discuss best practice for business process?  11th won’t work, but is there a specific day you would like to continue the FWL discussion?

Spokane: So you want to show best practice business process for FWL as it relates to AWE?

Sam: Yes, we want to talk about FWL but not AWE.

Spokane: So we talk about best practice with AWE and then without AWE later?

Jameeka: AWE is a separate item.

Spokane: So we’re not including AWE.  Is there a difference in the business process once AWE is implemented.

Jameeka: We’re really in listen and learn mode when it comes to AWE.  It can be related to FWL, T&L, etc…

Spokane: We already said that in order for FWL to work right we need AWE.

Jameeka: So please continue to tell us what you need from AWE.

Spokane: We talked about that last week.

Jameeka: Any other areas for AWE?

Spokane: It’s already working in T&L and AM.  And we can’t address in TAM, ePerformance, Contract Admin.  T&L and AM routing is working.

Sam: My understanding was that AWE wasn’t related to FWL.  So now we get what the request is.  We need some answers from the colleges first before we look at how to work with FWL and notifications.  Contract generation notifications to Deans (possibly), and once approved  what do you want displayed for the Dean?  Same template for the contract as generated?  Include combo codes?  What does the notification look like?  If HR is first approver then Dean would be second approver…

Spokane: So do you want the link the Dean gets look highly detailed and in what way should the details display.

Sam: Yes, my suggestion is just the contract and not the payline.

Spokane: Yes, we agree simplicity.

AP: Our Deans don’t approve our contracts, so we wouldn’t want that, but we would love a notification to go out to the employee.  So would this be configurable?

Sam: Will talk it over with Ciber.  (displayed workflow).  In Tacoma’s case if they don’t need different approval levels there might be some recourse…

AP: Want notification to the faculty once the letter is issued.  Right now notification is manual.  Would be nice to show that it was available for view to the employee.  Need to consider what happens when something is changed or rescinded.

Sam: Process would look at department and route based on department supervisor (assuming HCM information is correct).

Spokane: How will it know what the department supervisor is?  That isn’t in HCM.  You could have someone with 4 different EMPL RCDS and FWL is only attached to 0 and 1 but not 2, and all have different supervisors.  Needs to be EMPL RCD specific so it goes to the right supervisor.

Sam: I told Ciber we need to look at “primary” department and then there would be levels of Deans.

Spokane: That’s not the way it works here.  It needs to be EMPL RCD specific.  It needs to be the supervisor approving the contract for the empl rcd.

Sam: So once the admin selects an empl rcd, then approve the supervisor of that empl rcd.

Spokane: Right now we have a contract with multiple classes on it tied to one empl rcd.  Sometimes recinds happen (IBEST etc), and there is a separate contract for EMPL RCDs.  One contract per EMPL RCD.  So long as flow happens, that’s the important part.  

Sam: Plan was to make fewer different contracts.

Spokane: Talking actual contracts not contract types.  We’re talking about different things.  If we need to have multiple contracts of the same type for an individual, then we’re ok with that, if the approval workflow works.  Tying everything to one contract with multiple classes, when you have them as not the same length in the term then it gets paid to the longest length of the contract for all the values.  It will total everything up and pay over the longest duration.  They don’t like this functionality.

AP: I work around that by giving it a different assignment type.

Spokane: We already have 300+ contract types.  We can’t do that.

Sam: Yes, we use one contract for Tacoma, and then there are a few additional.  Spokane, we would like to do the same thing, and for contracts with the same formula we could combine.  We can then build out new types for different durations (start and end date).

AP: Did you send this information to us today about this?

Sam: Email went out April 26th to Spokane and Tacoma from Brian.

AP: Will go take a look at this ASAP.

Sam: For this week need a separate discussion with each college as they seem to be distinct.  But basically, it will go through levels of approval (so what do they need to see), and send out notifications.  Need to discuss level of custom ability with Ciber.

Spokane: First approver should see everything.  Second one needs to see amount.  Then it goes to instructor to approve the contract.

Sam: There still needs to be review of the payline.  Where does that fit in?

Spokane: When the admin assist has it done, it pushes then to first approver with all the details.  Second approver would be looking for budget approval.  Then it goes to faculty member.  Then payline check happens when payroll runs after all that.

Sam: Please put this feedback in your response to Brian’s email.  Once the admin’s generate a contract then the link in the notification will take you to FWL page to review the paylines for HR. (Maintain FWL).  Then once HR reviews it, then where does the approval button actually live to trigger the approval for the next level of approval?

Spokane: You tell us where to approve.  Right now they enter comments manually.  Would assume there would be an audit trail.  Need an “HR Approval” button.

Sam: Thinking that the View Contract display is where you get taken.  Then at the bottom of the page have the button that could be pressed.  Previous page was the payline (Maintain Faculty Workload).  They want the link to take them to the base page with all the tabs.  Where would you want an approve button here?

Spokane: I want whatever is easiest and universal.  At the bottom near Contract Audit History in the View Contract link after being taken to Maintain Faculty Workload sounds like it would be good. Then Dean would see the View Contract link contents.

Sam: What about Recind?  Do you think this will be a lot of emails?

Spokane: Right now we do that but we do it manually.

Sam: Concerned about volume of emails.

Spokane: We would want an email specifically for contracts (for HR, like a generic email).  The routing would go to a generic email so many people could monitor it on the HR side.

Sam: Suggestion looks ok, but need to get more feedback from colleges.  Some colleges the department reviews first, so we need to think more about the workflow flexibility.  

Spokane: So when Ciber is designing this, can you ask them to possibly configure the approvals at each college.  Can you move approvers around in the configuration?  Need to think about people being absent when approvals need to happen.

Sam:  Next webex is next Tuesday…

Tacoma: We have an offsite meeting on Tuesday.  Can we move remediation to the morning of Tuesday?

Sam: We’ll look into that.  We can also move the discussion to another week.

Spokane: Lisa not available next Tuesday morning.  But if it’s FWL we should be ok for Tuesday morning.

Jameeka: We’ll have Brian send out the agenda and confirm the time.



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